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Please help with wedding outfits (me and kids)!

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TheArmadillo Fri 09-Sep-11 16:15:18

We are going to SILs wedding at end of november and need outfits and outfit related advice. I want to buy them now as have other wedding related costs (plus people's birthdays) and am trying to spread out cost. Plus there seems to be a lot of sales at the moment.

Wedding is being held in a church/big white dress but not very very formal - suit not top hat and tails kinda thing. Our family are quite laid back about that kinda thing in general. I am also on a very low budget and stuff needs to be able to be reworn (for works dos/christmas <enter smart occassion here>)

Dh has suit but will need a new shirt as only has white and it looks a bit funerally with charcoal suit imo. Am thinking purple but not sure. He only has black tie so may need another. He has some formal shoes.

I have ordered this dress here and plan to wear it with either black or purple tights (I do not show off my legs) depending on what the colour is actually like when it arrives and I have a pair of wedge heel mary janes (black) but I need some cheap jewellery but have no idea what to go with (would prefer necklace to earrings as would rather dd choked me than tore my ear lobes).

Dd will be 15 months old - she needs a dress to go with purple shoes and coat.
I am torn between this which is cheaper and I prefer but not sure if its formal enough
and this which is perfectly nice and still within budget

Ds will be 7yo (but wears around age 8 clothes) and I am going for smart shirt/trousers combo but no idea where to start and have a maximum of £20 to spend. He has black school shoes.

We all have reasonable coats and as I'll be taking a baby bag I will just shove purse etc in there so don't need handbag.

Anything you think I've forgotten and any opinions will be welcome smile

We are all scruff bags usually and I'm not exactly style concious so feel free to be brutally honest.

TheArmadillo Fri 09-Sep-11 22:45:31

well have ordered dd first option plus white bolero
have ordered shirt and tie for dh
found shirt/tie combo and trousers for ds.

Just need jewellery for me and have no idea about what would go - help!

Fuctifano Sat 10-Sep-11 08:34:57

What length is your hair and how will you be wearing it, I can't really zoom in on the waistband of your dress but thought that something like this might work with the boho look the dress gives off.
To show off the v neck in your dress I'd go for a necklace like this - choosing a colour that picks out one in the dress and quite like the cuff suggested along side
I actually preferred your first link for DD and think a white bolero will lift it to weddingy.
I understand not needing/wanting a handbag as you'll have baby bag that's why I've suggested the alice band, I just think that if your wearing a coat and carrying a baby bag that you will want an accessory to be visible in the church. Both your and DDs dresses are lovely and will be worn loads after the wedding.

TheArmadillo Sat 10-Sep-11 20:13:53

Thanks - I love the jewellery and we have a new look just down the road. I'm definately going for the bangle but I think I prefer this necklace though am hoping the chain is not too long.

Not sure on the hairband though - I have waist length completely unstyled hair. I take your point about doing something with it. What I would really like is a barrette to put half up/half down but I can't find any particularly suitable. The nearest I can find is this or even this but I'm really not sure either will go.

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