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recently gone from size 26 to 14/16 what do i wear?

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JohnniesBitch Fri 09-Sep-11 12:44:57

i work full time and dressing for work is easy as i know what i like and what feels comfy, smart but casual office iyswim. Lots of wrap dresses, tea dresses etc as more comfortable in dresses than skirts and never wear trousers.
My tummy whilst a lot smaller is still a problem area as well as my upper arms. my legs are good though and due to amount of exercise ive been doing to tone as well as lose weight they are toned and thanks to a recent holiday lovely and brown.
So my question is for more casual occassions what do i wear? I hve been trying jeans on but just dont feel comfy in them and still prefer dresses. Have seen a few tunic style dresses in fat face and white stuff, but wanted to avoid cliched mumsy look if possible.
I'm 5'8, with dark brown long curly hair, green eyes a tan at the moment but usually pale. I just wasted shopping days in florda as had no idea what to look for. Oh and I hate uggs with a passion!

ExpensivePants Fri 09-Sep-11 12:50:39

I have no advice as I'm more up where you were than where you are now but bloody well done. I'm in awe of anyone who manages to lose weight. smile

JohnniesBitch Fri 09-Sep-11 12:54:24

Slimming world! never thought i could do it either. alwasy join plans lose a stone or two and then regain an then some. took it slow this time, and been coming off at 2-3lb a week. even managed to lose 1.5lb on a 2 week holiday to cornwall and 4.5lb on a two week holiday to florida!
All i can say is when the time is right for you then you'll know and you'll do it. Good luck if thats what you choose to do, but if not then be happy for who you are smile

defineme Fri 09-Sep-11 13:00:38

You need to find a brand/shop that suits you.
I like All Saints stuff cos I think it's not mumsy and it is quite capsule like-all their stuff goes together.

I appreciate you have tanned legs and like dresses, but as it's going to be cold soon I think you need to either find tights/leggings look that works or find some skinny jeans that you like.

You know you don't want to look mumsy and you know you want to be more casual, but what do you want to look like?
Is there anybody who's style you admire-friend or celeb?

Could you have a personal shopper session in a department store?

I'm with you re uggs-slippers only!

tethersend Fri 09-Sep-11 13:37:30

Throw the tunics aside and embrace the dresses. DO NOT go to White stuff and/or FatFace. Although my idea of casual is a pencil skirt with a blouse grin I never do casual.

Well DONE on the weight loss.

Have a look at Pearl Lowe at Peacocks.

HellonHeels Fri 09-Sep-11 13:59:08

Well done on the weight loss! Bet you feel great.

Have you never been a jeans/trousers wearer? I used to be a lot bigger than I am now and would never wear jeans or trousers, felt too self-conscious about my massive thighs. When I lost weight it took ages before I felt comfortable inside my head (IYSWIM) in jeans. If you'd like to give it a go, find a pair that fits well and practice wearing them around the house, out to local shops etc. That helped me get used to the idea of wearing them.

JohnniesBitch Fri 09-Sep-11 14:09:19

thanks for the link and tips.
Ive never felt comfy in trousers even pre children/pnd and a size 10/12, ive always been more dressy. I'm afraid im the type of mum stood on the sidelines watching the boys play rugby or football in a dress/opaque tights and wellies.
I think i need a trip into town with a good friend who will give me honest opinions. I do intend to lose a bit more weight yet so dont want to spend a fortune. I did look in primark but was disapointed in the quality epsecially as some items weren;t mega cheap.
Work is easy to shop for, as have a lot more choice in hobbs, house of fraser etc now but casual style i seem to be drawn to fat face and white stuff and i so dont want to be that type blush i'm not liking logo'd items either, ds1 tried to get me to buy a hollister t-shirt on holiday but at 35 i'm past that kind of clothing.
i'd like to think i still have a bit of an edge though if i put my mind to it. a friend did suggest jeggings? are they a big no no?

for reference and my style, im wearing this today with black peeptoe heels

JohnniesBitch Fri 09-Sep-11 14:09:46

ah link didnt work!

tethersend Fri 09-Sep-11 14:24:53

That's a lovely dress.

Your friend must be jealous if she's trying to sabotage your style with jeggings grin

I spend most of my time in vintage dresses- trawl ebay for bargains, don't bother with primark.

Also, not sure of your budget, but places like Jaeger are good- big discounts in the sales.

This dress is good and quite casual

TBH, it sounds like you know what you like, but are being pressured into a world of FatFace, tunics and jeggings. RESIST. Look for the signs. If you start to knot a scarf round your neck by doubling it up and feeding the ends through the loop, this is the first sign. TAKE ACTION.

JohnniesBitch Fri 09-Sep-11 14:32:21

grin tethersend very funny re sabotage i did wander. i thought jeggings were a no no. I definatley don't do the scarf thing. I did buy the MN ebay scarf though. Oh an i love the dress in the link.
I think i'll take a different friend shopping to the one who suggested jeggings, fat face etc. smile

JohnniesBitch Fri 09-Sep-11 14:33:12

oh budget, usually a healthy budget and don't mind paying £70-£80-£100 on a dress if i like it, but just trying to budget cheaper to allow for further weight loss.

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