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What do you think - Opinions please

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sweetheart Thu 08-Sep-11 15:08:28

I ordered this dress earlier in the summer and liked it but sent it back as I didn't really need it. However, we now have 2 wedding invitations, on ein November and one in April so I'm thinking of re-ordering it. My questions are:-
1. What do you think of it - suitable for a wedding?
2. As I'll probably need a cardigan or something (esp for the Nov wedding) what colour accessories would you put with it? I could go safe and go for blue but I'd appreciate some thoughts on other colours, except silver which I won't wear.

Angel786 Thu 08-Sep-11 17:13:28

Love it! And it's on sale, bonus! I'd go for the teal colour dress. No cardi as it will hide the beautiful back, maybe a shawl/ pashmina.

Accessories depends how adventurous you're feeling. Some bug chunky neon or bright bangles would look awesome.

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