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Rooti Tooti nursing clothes worth the ££?

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Eskarina Thu 08-Sep-11 11:32:44

I'm trying to negotiate the minefield that is dressing so as to be able to BF DD when around and about. She's only 13 days old and so far I've managed on a grand total of 3 nursing tops but am clearly going to need more than that.
I came across rooti tooti nursing clothes online and wondered if anyoNe had found them to be any good. Basically they are a vest with the boob sections cut away which you then wear a normal top over so that you remain covered at all times.
Is this worth £20 for a vest or are cheap vest tops from M&S that can be pulled down just as good?


HotBurrito1 Thu 08-Sep-11 13:48:33

Dunno about used rooti tooti stuff soz. I would suggest particularly as it's getting colder focussing on getting feeding vests. I had three corsierres which were brilliant to give you a good uplift (if you need it!) and could be layered with any other top which opens at the front. Then you don't get bored of the look.

HotBurrito1 Thu 08-Sep-11 13:50:15

Dunno about rooti tooti, not used rooti tooti blush

trixymalixy Thu 08-Sep-11 13:53:30

I had one. It was alright, the first one fell to bits but they replaced it no bother. I didn't think much of the material it was made from and I would have preferred it to be a bit longer. You could just have cut holes in a vest top yourself or pulled a vest down.

Bramshott Thu 08-Sep-11 13:54:48

Usual Mumsnet advice is just to wear a vest-top underneath your normal top and pull it down. I'd try to avoid special nursing clothing if I were you and get things you can also wear afterwards.

Congratulations on your DD by the way!

trixymalixy Thu 08-Sep-11 13:55:40

Although it was better than a vest top under v neck tops and dresses as it covered the top bit of my boob which enabled me to pull the neckline down and still be discreet.

BranchingOut Thu 08-Sep-11 13:56:39

I constantly wear the Emma Jane Nursing vests and just layer them under other tops.

They can be bought fairly cheaply if you google them and shop around a bit.

GreyTS Thu 08-Sep-11 13:57:56

To be honest with DD1 I spent a fortune on bfing tops - not that particular brand so can't comment on quality. However this time (DD2 is 4months) I have just layered normal tops over some M&S stretchy vests and that has worked brilliantly for me - also helped with feeling like myself quicker as I am wearing "normal" clothes

Eskarina Thu 08-Sep-11 17:07:36

Thanks all. I'm watching one on eBay so will see what it's like if I win that. We had our first trip out to a cafe today and I managed to feed whilst wearing a wrap dress and vest combo successfully so I'll probably get some more stretchy vests and see how we get on.

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