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Which shoes with cropped jeans/cords for A/W?

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dairymoo Wed 07-Sep-11 13:27:21

I have just bought a pair of these navy cords from Gap and absolutely love them. At the moment I have been wearing them with sandals/leather flip flops but I'd like to keep on wearing them throughout the autumn & winter. I don't like ballet flats as I just think I'd get very cold feet (I'm a cold person!). Does anyone have any suggestions? Heels are out as I'm doing school run & chasing after DC3. Cropped trews seem to be big news this season so there must be a solution!

Fimbo Wed 07-Sep-11 13:30:08

Boots? Something like these maybe

Fimbo Wed 07-Sep-11 13:30:36

Not in the black patent obviously

blueskydrinking Wed 07-Sep-11 14:26:07

oh I need the answer to exactly this question. I've got some blue cropped and some beige cropped trousers which I love but also need this problem solving.

Will keep watching!

blueskydrinking Wed 07-Sep-11 14:27:21

I've got some long boots but it doesn't matter what I wear with them, they make me look like I should be mucking out a stable.

Looking for something else this year, even if it's mid-calf boots instead.

Fimbo Wed 07-Sep-11 14:31:21

Ballet flats and american tan pop socks - <joke> grin

dairymoo Wed 07-Sep-11 19:42:57

I think the Fly boots would be too high, or else I'd have to tuck in the trousers thereby possibly defeating the point of the crops, no?

C'mon people, blueskydrinking and I can't be the only people with this problem?

DrNortherner Wed 07-Sep-11 19:44:23

What about wearing them over some knee high wedge boots?

trixymalixy Wed 07-Sep-11 19:51:09

Brogues, or ankle boots of some description.

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