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Is anyone buying today's Groupon- 2 slimming body suits for £20?

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Aworryingtrend Wed 07-Sep-11 08:18:52

Just got an email about this and I'm tempted but don't know which size to go for- there are measurements on the website but i'm at work without a tape measure.

Is anyone else going for this? It does seem a bargain at 2 for £20 so I can sell the spare one on ebay

GiraffesHaveMoreFun Wed 07-Sep-11 16:30:56

Very tempted, but not checked sizes yet!

Aworryingtrend Thu 08-Sep-11 08:54:52

I went for it, like the sucker I am, and have to wait til 6pm tonight to order it using the voucher. On the website it says 12 is a large hmm so that's what I'll order.

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