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tethersend...advice needed please

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cornsylk Wed 07-Sep-11 07:42:51

what were the nice opaques that you linked to recently?

tethersend Wed 07-Sep-11 10:24:04

The Tabio ones? Here

cornsylk Wed 07-Sep-11 10:45:41

thankyou smile it was the 110 denier ones I wanted for work - it's turning cold out there!

tethersend Wed 07-Sep-11 10:52:40

I have mine on already grin

cornsylk Wed 07-Sep-11 10:53:32

grin what colour?

tethersend Wed 07-Sep-11 11:23:18

Navy today.


iWILLdothis Wed 07-Sep-11 11:57:08

love the look of these.... hoping that at those prices they wear very well and don't ladder/rip easily?

tethersend Wed 07-Sep-11 12:00:11

Mine have lasted 5-10 years and are still going strong.

cornsylk Wed 07-Sep-11 12:25:45

I think that brown is about as adventurous as I'll get for now! I may buy a pair a month or something as they are £££.

iWILLdothis Wed 07-Sep-11 12:48:06

5-10 years? Really? Wow! If so, that really is worth the price then. I'm liking the look of some of the ribbed ones too. Really want some nice patterned ones this year. Just craving something different this winter.
cornsylk, a pair a month is a good idea but wouldn't you then be paying postage every month also? <haven't checked postage costs yet.... maybe it's free though? but that would be too good to be true!>

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