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Lets be positive about ourselves-say one thing you like about your appearance!

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warmandwooly Tue 06-Sep-11 20:54:16

Ill go first. I have naturally long lashes-with mascara they look fab!I could say lots of negs about myself but lets concentrate on our positives

Butterflybows Tue 06-Sep-11 20:57:09

My feet are nice (especially when hidden in socks grin )

Bellavita Tue 06-Sep-11 20:57:40

My green eyes.

bibbitybobbityhat Tue 06-Sep-11 20:58:31

I look much younger than I actually am.

babycham42 Tue 06-Sep-11 20:58:44

I have nice long fingers and can grow natural long nails.

I like my wrists - they are v slim and delicate. I wear lots of bangles!

ScribblerInTheSpaces Tue 06-Sep-11 21:00:18

Message withdrawn

Lizzylou Tue 06-Sep-11 21:00:49


I have myopic blue eyes.

They don't work very well but they are my best feature I suppose (not much competition in all honesty).

Casmama Tue 06-Sep-11 21:01:27

I look much better than I did 7 months ago when I weighed 2 1/2 stone more. I often quite like what I see when I look in the mirror now.

2cats2many Tue 06-Sep-11 21:01:46

I have thick, shiney hair which I'm always complimented on.

LeBOF Tue 06-Sep-11 21:01:55

I have very nice teeth.

VelvetSnow Tue 06-Sep-11 21:02:02

I have just had a complete hair restyle.

From long and curly with no fringe to short and straight with a blunt fringe - I love how healthy it looks, how clean it looks and how I can run my fingers through it.

I like my hair.

I also have nice natural long nails, and the tips are a nice healthy colour.

That's two things blush is that allowed?

I envy Bella and her green eyes!

GeeinItLaldy Tue 06-Sep-11 21:02:15

My cleavage rocks with the assistance of some serious scaffolding

planetpotty Tue 06-Sep-11 21:03:26

Love this good idea smile

I have nice hair that I can wash, let dry naturally and still get complimented on.

madammecholet Tue 06-Sep-11 21:04:26

Good set of knashers.

RumpledTitSkin Tue 06-Sep-11 21:05:18

I like my green eyes and long lashes.

Still eyes so that counts as one.

colditz Tue 06-Sep-11 21:05:52

I have shapely ankles which give a lovely arch to my calves.

MrsBradleyCooper Tue 06-Sep-11 21:07:04

I've been blessed with a small pert bum grin

Caoimhe Tue 06-Sep-11 21:07:50

I have fab curly hair!

JumpJockey Tue 06-Sep-11 21:09:02

Ditto MrsBradleyCooper, back in my clubbing days I was complimented by a gay man that I had the best bum he'd ever seen, "and I should know darling" smile

smilesy Tue 06-Sep-11 21:09:18

My arse - looks fab in jeans!

PersonalJesus Tue 06-Sep-11 21:09:24

I love my eyes, deep brown, long lashed and very sparkly.

(Everyone else thinks my smile/lips are my best feature. Sadly, after someone I really respected said something totally inappropriate about my mouth, it's turned into a negative for me.)

The only rubbish thing about my eyes is that they cost me a fortune in eyeshadows. my equivalent of shoe fetish


Redumbdancy Tue 06-Sep-11 21:12:03

my long legs, used to hate them when I was younger though.

memphis83 Tue 06-Sep-11 21:12:38

My eyes, blue with long eyelashes, the bad thing sbout them is they dont work example of this is the poster that put her knashers I thought she had said her knackers which baffled me a bit grin

applecrumbleandcream Tue 06-Sep-11 21:16:02

I am often complemented on my clear skin and lack of wrinkles around the eyes at my age!!

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