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help,shapewear that doesnt make me feel like an angry trussed up turkey!

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kittyispretty Tue 06-Sep-11 12:22:10

Im 48,14/16 and starting an access course soon.After being a sahm i feel like shit ,lumpy bumpy old hag...just enroled and the id picture looks like some one i vaguely remember,yep my auntie hilda.feckin hell!.A 'friend'suggested i go to M&S and look at the shape wear..have just tried on some of the stuff and angry trussed up turkey,badly expanding sausage isnt in it.can any of you suggest any thing short of lipo that can hold me in without me passing out.

madammecholet Tue 06-Sep-11 15:35:48

Maybe you tried on a size too small, not being rude, but they all bleedin well come up differently these days! I love the M&S control vest tops, they are magical, but they come up small so have had to go up a size, I also have a Flexees Onesie for wearing with fitted dresses which is bang on size.

Spanx are on the smaller side too....

kittyispretty Tue 06-Sep-11 16:37:55

Yep Madame,you're probably right vanity tis an awful thingsmile
Will look up the Flexees onesie sounds good.Thanks ,am hoping will lose tons of weight gamboling up all the blinkin stairs

Fuctifano Tue 06-Sep-11 18:11:32

Firstly, congratulations and I hope you enjoy it. Doing an access course involves an ego nose dive as you're firmly in the domain of the young and effortlessly gorgeous. Being comfortable is so important but wearing something that resembles your normal undies is too, I can't abide the surgical dressing look shapewear and tend to go for
Primark also do shapewear legging and bodytoner tights so maybe these with funky dresses and cardis? I also found it nigh impossible to get the temperature right; freezing walking from my car, ok in classes but melting as I made my from class to class with a heavy bag of book. And if you want to lose weight don't reward your self with a hob nob per paragraph like I did.

Satisfashion Tue 06-Sep-11 18:17:54

Try Spanks they make fantastic shapewear and if you try the half slip its not such a struggle to get on and it holds you in and smoothes you out !!!
If you fancy shorts and tummy holding in M&S Shapewear is good also !!!! x
Be prepared to pay for Spanks though as cheaper shapewear doesnt last long due to the inexpensive elastics used !!! but i ve had a spanks half slip for the last 5 years and i m only just considering rebuying !!!!
x x

kittyispretty Tue 06-Sep-11 18:38:16

oh thanks for your help guys,yes Fucti,I am amongst the young ,sleek and glossy (envy)but hopefully will emerge triumphant!.Will trundle off to Primark and have a browse.Wont be posting any pic tho (smile)

kittyispretty Tue 06-Sep-11 18:39:29

oops smileys no t working!-looks like stage directions

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