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boys school trousers for skinny boys

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miche8 Tue 06-Sep-11 10:29:54

have just tried on m&s school trousers on my sons, i always buy the m&s ones, this year they have either change the style or i've got the wrong ones, they are so baggy and wide in the leg, just about to try and wash and shrink them in the drier i've already removed the labels as i should be an expert at buying school trousers after all these years but i have a feeling i'm going to have to do a mad dash to the shops, any suggestions for trousers for skinny boys? i need charcoal grey in 9yr and 5yrs.

WhereDidAllThePuffinsGo Tue 06-Sep-11 10:32:06

Next do "Slim fit" school trousers.

talkingnonsense Tue 06-Sep-11 10:40:59

Sainsburys usually come up narrow.

flack Tue 06-Sep-11 10:41:58

Bother, M&S usually do for us. I also suggest Next.

Lollyheart Tue 06-Sep-11 10:43:05

I bought mine from asda, I think they're a slimish fit with an adjustable waist .

AnyFucker Tue 06-Sep-11 10:47:06

I always buy ds's (tall and skinny with no bum) from Asda. They are quite slim fit and have an adjustable waist. they last reasonably well least until he grows out of them.

Cromwell44 Tue 06-Sep-11 11:16:01

Try M&S extra long leg in a size smaller - this works for my skinny boy - fits on the waist without too much bunching plus correct leg length. I think I got mine online.

KristinaM Tue 06-Sep-11 11:19:21

another vote for next slim fit trousers

deaconblue Tue 06-Sep-11 12:54:47

M and s have a new 'modern' fit school trouser that have nice slim legs. Adjustable waist too

LordOfTheFlies Tue 06-Sep-11 13:05:40

I bought DS trousers from M&S (have done for many years) I've tried Adams, Sainsbo, Asda . The M&S ones seem to cope with him.

Agree with buy a size smaller but extra length (I always sew/write over the age label otherwise I get an indignant DS scowling -I'm 11 nearly 12 not 10. Sigh)

Had to buy black this year so went for stormwear/Teflon with a single pleat, and the all important zip pocket.

miche8 Wed 07-Sep-11 14:07:26

thanks, went to asda £3 a pair for the younger boys, my nearly 5 yrs old fits into the age 3-4 years, they have the much needed adjustable waist and the length is very generous, hes tall and thin for his age so amazed the smaller size fits. Just hope they wash well.

AnyFucker Wed 07-Sep-11 14:11:23

wash at 40 deg, they are fine

miche8 Wed 07-Sep-11 15:01:52

do you tumble dry them? i have so much washing it all has to be tumble dried.

AnyFucker Wed 07-Sep-11 15:13:59

I don't possess a tumble drier but I bet they would be ok.

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