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Out with the with the new - technically free winter wardrobe!

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FauxFox Tue 06-Sep-11 09:34:15

I have just turned out my wardrobe - everything worn out in the bin, everything low value that i don't actually like/doesn't suit me in the charity bag, everything i don't like/doesn't quite fit right/doesn't suit me in the ebay pile. The ebay pile has 2 coats, 7 dresses, 2 skirts, a tankini and two AP bras and I have just had a look to see the prices these type of items are on for and have discovered I could easily net £300 from this haul!!! Hooray!

Next step is to photo and sell it, then i'm going to make a list of whats left (not much frankly!!) and all the outfit situations I am likely to face this winter and write a sensible shopping list...there will be a coat and probably a couple of day dresses on it...and tights...but I am NOT wasting any more money on tat! Quality only!!

So if you are skint and need new winter clothes have a dig in your wardrobe - you might find you can have one after all like me!

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