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A gift for my Sister-in-law! Any ideas?

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onelily Mon 05-Sep-11 14:25:54

Its her b'day next week. ANd this time i want to give her something other than clothes, shoes as shhe is too picky(in a good way).
anything that is in a budget of abt £15-£20, pretty flexible though..

Suggestions needed quick and pls with some nice saving offers too..As i generally buy online stuff on schemes or vouchers smile

Thanks in advance

warmandwooly Mon 05-Sep-11 15:06:56

What about an Aspinal of London notebook?

onelily Tue 06-Sep-11 09:16:44

Thanks warm but this won't be much of use for her. Though i can gift that to my sister. I was thinking of something which is more girly excluding clothes, accessories, shoes. But something universal for girls.

Btw are there any vouchers on the notebook.hehe..jst that i buy stuff with offers on. Thanks!

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