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Business Suit with low rise,narrow trousers??

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silvestro Sun 04-Sep-11 21:49:23

I'm starting a new job soon, I'll be in a management role for the first time so need a couple of smart business suits.

I am usually a 10/12 but my fattest bit is tummy/waist area. I have skinny legs and hips and a tiny bum (relatively) big boobs.

Shop assistants have told me in the past that I am "short waisted" (?) Anyway I am having great difficulty finding a suit trouser that fits. Usually the best fit for me is low rise, narrow leg type trousers ( then hide the muffin top under a forgiving top?

Any suggestions??? Please!

marylou56 Sun 04-Sep-11 23:25:06

try next!
Very reasonably priced suits that you can mix and match sizes. Reasonably priced too.
Last time I was in Primark I was pleasantly surprised by their suits too. The quality isn't bad and very very reasonably priced.

PerryCombover Mon 05-Sep-11 00:52:23

Ted Baker

LiveYourBestLife Mon 05-Sep-11 01:30:07

I would consider a skirt suit with a slight flare worn with short length jacket and mid to high heels to help you look balanced. Low rise pants may cause embarrasing flesh flash when bending, stretching and sitting.

silvestro Mon 05-Sep-11 03:05:55

Thanks! LYBL - I have had skirt suits in the past, and although I love the idea of them, in practise they make me look way fatter than I am... the waist of the skirt accentuates my fattest part.
Something that sits just below the waist- usually works best.So a skirt that sat at the hips could be good.
I am sure I am a repeat offender wrt embarrassing flesh flash blush

Primark do suits!!! grin Now, that's the kind of nugget MN is brilliant for. It's the last place I'd have looked. Thanks!

tethersend Mon 05-Sep-11 19:03:22

Try Cos

Waswondering Mon 05-Sep-11 20:11:52

Have you seen the Austin Reed sale? Worth a look possibly (not sure re your exact requirements) but they have trousers down to £25 at the moment ....

silvestro Tue 06-Sep-11 03:34:02

I'm in the US- but moving to the UK in a few weeks for the job.

Have tried Anne Taylor and The Limited here but no luck. Will be in England for a week house hunting in the next couple of weeks so picking your brains as haven't lived in the UK for approx 10 yrs.
Never heard of Cos... looks great.
I wouldn't have even thought of Austin Reed, thanks!

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