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Silica for post baby hair

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annieother Sun 04-Sep-11 20:02:01

So yesterday I had my first haircut since DS was born six months ago and the trauma that my once lovely locks have been through was revealed. I went back to my normal style in preparation for being a matron of honour next week and compared to before my hair is so thin, fine, limp, dull. All little short hairs poking out so its all fuzzy. Short hairs all round my face. I got quite upset. The hairdresser said that it would eventually recover but mentioned taking silica to help. Has anyone tried this? Any other recommendations?

I know I'm being silly but its really made me feel terrible and I want to do something positive about it iyswim.

RockChick1984 Sun 04-Sep-11 20:59:01

My hair seemed to go really thin after I had ds, I bought some extensions (just clip in ones) and took them to the hairdresser, she cut them so they were the same length as my own hair but when I wear them my hair looks lovely and thick, I hate WAG type extensions but you really can't tell when I wear them that they aren't my really hair! Never heard of taking silica for it?

RockChick1984 Sun 04-Sep-11 21:00:24

REAL not really!

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