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Chunky Lined belted coatigan

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Schnarkle Sat 03-Sep-11 21:42:30

This is a plea from my sick of buying and not wearing coats heart.

This year I plan not to run to and from houses/cars/shops you get the picture without some sort of outerwear on. I hate wearing coats. I own lots of them, I just hate wearing them.

So not too long ago some lovely person linked to a gorgeous chunky knit lines belted thigh lined coatigan/cardigan. When I search I can only find the one linked to in tx maxx, the grey goat.

The one I am talking about I can see in my minds eye as a brownish/tan colour and in the image its belt is shown as tied.

I'm searching like a woman possessed at this stage and need your help.


Schnarkle Coatly Challenged.

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