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Feel like shite and need a makeover...

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StuckUpTheFarawayTree Sat 03-Sep-11 14:19:17

Can anyone help?

40 next year and a curvy (massive boobs, small shoulders, flabby tum, big hips and skinny arms and lower legs) 14-16.

Blonde, layered hair which touches my shoulders and a very pale complexion.

Currently job hunting SAHM (and EBF my baby) so wardrobe is mainly jeans and t-shirts.

Am I a lost cause?

gregssausageroll Sat 03-Sep-11 15:09:01

No you are not.

First, I'd suggest the basics. A good hair cut and colour if you get your hair coloured followed by a manicure and a pedicure if you can. These instantly make me feel better.

StuckUpTheFarawayTree Sat 03-Sep-11 15:37:31

Funnily enough I was just talking about a manicure to DP. I know someone who can do this.

Don't currently colour my hair but always happy to experiment. Thank you.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sat 03-Sep-11 15:56:38

Deffo not a lost cause.

How about a new coat and some boots, plus a couple of nice scarves? H&M do some lovely scarves v v cheap.

Oh and if you live in jeans, buy some good new jeans and a couple of tops that are nicer than bog-standard t-shirts maybe.

StuckUpTheFarawayTree Mon 05-Sep-11 14:01:02

Sorry for delay. Thanks for that. I do like the scarves idea.

Any nice ideas for trousers that look good with good shoes (I.e. Fly London wedges) but are casual enough for every day?

1gglePiggle Mon 05-Sep-11 14:05:55

Maybe leggings with long tops that cover the bum? Chunky knits are good this season. Fly boots look fab with leggings.

LiveYourBestLife Tue 06-Sep-11 01:31:33

Self indulgence not self destruction. I would start with finding attractive, functional underwear 1st at a reputable underwear specialist. Try sampling shimmer body lotions. A complete overhaul is hard work, so before splashing out and working a frenzy, decide on your hair colour, then sample quick fix make up tricks. Capsule wardrobe pieces will be easier to locate in the long run and save you money once you have done the basics.

StuckUpTheFarawayTree Tue 06-Sep-11 01:41:49

I love your ideas, but I'm breastfeeding, so bras will have to wait. What do you class as reputable, by the way?

Happy to experiment with hair colours though. Maybe brighten the natural blonde up? Or more of a change?

Like the idea of capsule wardrobe.

savoycabbage Tue 06-Sep-11 01:46:55

When I found myself in a similar situation I made an appointment at a good/trendy hairdresser, dressed up when I went, denied I had children and did what they suggested.

I had never coloured my hair either. I had it cut like the fashion editor of Elle here who obviously I had never heard of grin It was just a bob before.

spiderslegs Tue 06-Sep-11 01:47:40

Right, DO NOT DO FLY BOOTS WITH LEGGINGS if job huting, in fact do neither Fly Shoes/boots or leggings for job hunting.

Fly wedges could be ok for smart wear if worn with a pair of slouchy, tweedy trousers, what colour are the wedges?

How much do you have to spend?

& yes, get some good underwear, if you have big boobs, get thee to a proper purveyor of bras.

& yes, if you are used to Ts & jeans, get a white shirt that looks great, a pair of fantastic trousers & well cut jeans.

A grey wool sweater, a good coat, a swanky bag & some fabulous pumps.

Some lovely, well cut, basic Ts in good jersey, a dress that makes you feel like a woman & a pair of slut shoes & you're set.

StuckUpTheFarawayTree Wed 07-Sep-11 12:07:05

Oo thank you. The wedges are red. Does that sound awful? I love them. I very rarely wear leggings as I often look a bugger in them.

I have a very limited budget but am happy to buy on eBay etc.

1gglePiggle Thu 08-Sep-11 08:35:43

Oh yeah missed the job hunt bit, leggings and boots fine for casual but definitely not job interviews!

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