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Flat tummy and big round bum to big wobbly tummy and flatter bum.

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MummyCubed Sat 03-Sep-11 13:04:52

It seemed to happen literally overnight after breaking up with STBXH. I hadn't been eating properly for a long time, got my appetite back and found it all went on the tummy, which I can understand, but can't explain why it's gone off the bum! Has anyone else had this problem?

tak1ngchances Sat 03-Sep-11 22:53:54

Two things could be happening here:
1) Tummy: Stress produces cortisol which makes you store fat around your middle. An additional factor is that your poor diet before is now making your body cling on to any bit of nutrition for fear that you might stop eating again.
2) Bum: If you hadn't been eating then probably you lost some muscle. Ass muscles are the biggest in your body so they will have disappeared a bit, hence losing the round look.
You need to work your ass muscles with squats and clams (look them up on youtube).
The tummy fat will shift in time, you just need to get over the shock of it all and your body will settle back into eating properly.

V good that you have got your appetite back, keep up the good work and remember to be very kind to yourself.

TC x

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