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25% off H&M Online

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Northumberlandlass Fri 02-Sep-11 18:15:56

Not sure if anyone has posted this code, but 25% off online shopping at H&M (only until 4 Sept) is 9382. The discount only comes off one item - but just got winter coat smile

magicmelons Fri 02-Sep-11 18:31:36

I have been waiting a month for my H&M order and today when i phoned up the guy was so bloody rude, i know 2 other people in the same position. I'm not sure its worth the saving tbh might be better to just go in store.

accessorizequeen Fri 02-Sep-11 19:15:07

I used 1304 today to get £5 off as well. Bit disappointed to hear my order might take ages tho!

Munashe Fri 02-Sep-11 19:33:41

Oh yes some clothes takes ages to get delivered at H&M. I made an order 2 weeks ago for a dress I was hoping to wear to a function last weekend. I cancelled the order online when it was showing mid sept delivery date. Perhaps the dress hasn't even been made yet in China. Some of the stuff I ordered with this dress have arrived and it seems it the new season stuff that are taing ages to be delivered

accessorizequeen Fri 02-Sep-11 20:46:29

Have never ordered before. I'm not desperate for it, but they said between 5-9 sept. Shall wait and see! They didn't have sizes/colours I wanted in store, they never do!

Northumberlandlass Fri 02-Sep-11 22:26:55

I got the code from the H&M iPhone App...they have quite a few offers on. I haven't ordered online before with them either, but am not in any hurry for the coat.

thisisyesterday Fri 02-Sep-11 22:29:15

i also had a problem when i placed an order. part of it came but one item is showing as due beginning of october.

i e-mailed and asked why the delay, and whether or not i woukld actually get it in october as if not i would like to cancel it... the guy who mailed me back said yes, i'd def have it and he took 25% off it too!!!

so try e-mailing instead of phoning grin

magicmelons Fri 02-Sep-11 22:39:32

I emailed first, got a blunt email back saying call this number and actually the more i think about it the more annoyed i get the guy was SO rude on the phone., i might complain about him.

thisisyesterday Fri 02-Sep-11 23:10:03

oh :-( they must've just liked the sound of me then!! lol

i was quite surprised to be offered 25% off just cos i asked when it would arrive

magicmelons Fri 02-Sep-11 23:21:13

Probably, I sounded like an angry hormonal lady who need some more maternity clothes before I actually give birth not 2 weeks after, i'm surprised that mo fo messed with me grin

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