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House of Harlow/ who is Nicole Ritchie anyway?

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GloriaVanderbilt Fri 02-Sep-11 13:00:47

I have been looking for a nice necklace, and Asos has got stuff by House of Harlow which on inspection is a line designed by Nicole Ritchie. I'm not sure who she is or if I should like her or her stuff, I mean it's not like buying the Coleen stuff is it? Just checking before I make a dreadful mistake. grin

GloriaVanderbilt Fri 02-Sep-11 13:02:07


GloriaVanderbilt Fri 02-Sep-11 13:03:25

I mean I like this but who are those people in the pictures, wearing it? That's not Emma out of the Spice girls is it or someone equally dreadful

GloriaVanderbilt Fri 02-Sep-11 13:03:38

no one cares

thestringcheeseincident Fri 02-Sep-11 13:05:15

Lionel Richies daughter.
Ex best mate of Paris Hilton, used to do those toe-curlingly awful reality shows.
She seems to not do that crap anymore.

thestringcheeseincident Fri 02-Sep-11 13:05:37

<quite shameful I know this crap..>

GloriaVanderbilt Fri 02-Sep-11 13:06:58

OMG that's quite bad isn't it. Maybe she has distanced herself now...

lionel Ritchie, was that he of 'Helleau' fame?

thankyou btw

Havingkittens Fri 02-Sep-11 13:09:39

Nicole Richie is the blonde girl in the picture. She's Lionel Richie's adopted daughter. Not sure what else she's famous for exactly apart from being Paris Hilton's best mate and doing a reality TV show with her.

Havingkittens Fri 02-Sep-11 13:10:48

x post, same info different words grin

worldgonecrazy Fri 02-Sep-11 14:11:57

Wow - some gorgeous jewellery there.

Nicole Ritchie is famous for being adopted by Lionel Ritchie and having a famous friend who was famous for being famous. So in effect she was famous due to some one else being famous due to being famous.

In her favour she is married to one of the nicest people in the music business, Joel, from the band Good Charlotte, so she must be okay as a person.

tulpe Fri 02-Sep-11 14:45:34

I love Nicole Ritchie's style. She is very glam boho but in a "what this old thing? I found it in a thrift store and threw it on" kinda way.

She also has a range of clothing called Winter Kate.

talkingnonsense Fri 02-Sep-11 15:32:40

She annoyed me as she used to be slightly normal sized, and then got super lollipop but just said oh yes I've always been tiny! So unreasonable of me!

PrimaBallerina Fri 02-Sep-11 17:59:43

She is my biggest style crush and not at all Coleenesque. Shop away.

gregssausageroll Fri 02-Sep-11 18:01:13

She's a working mum of 2 who happens to be Lionel Ritchie's daughter.

magicmelons Fri 02-Sep-11 18:05:11

I love her House of Harlow and Winter Kate stuff, nothing like Coleen.

GloriaVanderbilt Fri 02-Sep-11 18:35:14

It is really nice stuff isn't it. Thankyou. I suppose I just didn't want to be buying into some horrible marketing gimmick iyswim.

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