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Mousy brown hair starting to go grey - what can I do? I have 10/12 grey hairs and they drive me crazy

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Pinkflipflop Thu 01-Sep-11 17:59:39

As I say in the title I have about 10/12 grey hairs in my hair and my natural colour is mousy brown. I get my hair highlighted but it had become so blonde that it had taken on a yellow look so I asked the hairdresser to stop using bleach. Now I am left with dark brown roots and the odd greys are looking more and more obvious. I know 12 grey hairs (approx) I haven't actually counted them seems minimal but they are all at the front and feel a little paranoid.

Do I have to get it highlighted and put up with the yellow or is there anything else I can do?

Don't suit dark hair btw as I am too pale so diy all over colour isn't an option.

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