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What to buy for going back to work when you have to wear uniform on top half...

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HotChip Thu 01-Sep-11 12:59:52

I will be going back as a nursery worker and need to buy new black trousers and shoes to go with my work top. My usual would be bootcut black trousers with a comfy Clarks mary-jane type shoe with black socks. Criminal, I know blush.

The top is a hip length tunic like this.

What styles could I choose to be a bit funkier and still smart. I feel a bit like I'm in my school uniform. Heels are not allowed and shoes have to be comfy and not have bumpy trims as we sit on the floor a lot. I've seen some peg leg trousers but not sure if they're still in, and not sure bare ankles work in winter. I'd love a really straight cigarette pant but have never been able to find a pair.


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