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Bloody dry cleaners cocked up a hem am now dressless for a wedding next week

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JamInMyWellies Thu 01-Sep-11 08:51:27

I bought a beautiful dress from Banana republic for 2 weddings this Summer wore it to one last wk and the hem needed to be repaired and dry cleaned. DH took it to cleaners and alteration place in the Wharf brought it home last night and they have fixed the hem with the biggest needle in the world and now the delicate silk fabric is all puckered and has lots of holes in it. angry

So I need a dress for a wk on Saturday (best friends wedding).

I live in the sticks so can only do internet.

Size 10/12 small bust, good legs, still a bit tanned from holiday, blonde shoulder length hair.

Help in the style of Penelope Pitstop.

Oh budget about 150.

wineandcheese Thu 01-Sep-11 08:55:38

How annoying!

Do you like this?

JamInMyWellies Thu 01-Sep-11 08:56:29

No dont like all that pleating, sorry.

Mumsnut Thu 01-Sep-11 10:41:49

There is 20% off at BR this week (code PARTY) so you could get the same dress at a discount, then claim the full amount from your dry cleaner ...

JamInMyWellies Thu 01-Sep-11 11:22:18

Yep got that email, DH is at the dry cleaners now so will see what they come back with.

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