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Petite 37 year old needs clothes - life in storage

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Karbea Wed 31-Aug-11 14:52:59

ok, I know this has sort of been done before in a few posts so sorry.


all of my winter/ autumn clothes are in storage ( we are living with my inlaws, new house fell through...).

I'm short.

I don't really know 'what' to wear, a year ago I was shopping in top shop/river island etc in minis now it just doesn't feel right :-S

I've been looking online at Boden, mint velvet but I'm not sure...

Can someone help me find a capsule wardrobe, for a 37 year old short person. I have a job where I can wear smart casual, I guess I'm a modern/classic dresser. I need pretty much everything which is why I'm thinking capsule wardrobe. I'm blond, olive/yellowy skin...

Help please!!!

onelily Wed 31-Aug-11 15:13:36

Don't know in what budget you looking..
can suggest this top
work dress
this is good too
especially this one

Karbea Wed 31-Aug-11 15:19:05

Do you not think the 2 middle ones are quite summery?
Budget, pretty flexible really. Probably wouldn't want to spend more than about£600 ish...

Gillybobs Wed 31-Aug-11 16:58:11

Decent indigo skinny jeans
skinny cords are very in this winter here
Couple of silky/blouse type tops (oasis/warehouse)
couple of breton type tops (Zara £10 each, wash brilliantly)
couple of little cardis to wear over tops
couple of day dresses )I like Great PLains here

onelily Thu 01-Sep-11 07:52:15

yeah, they are but you can always team them up with nice black/brown jacket and boots

Gillybobs Thu 01-Sep-11 09:15:07

Gap have 20% off and free delivery, maybe a good place to pick up jeans/trousers and some knitwear?

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