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Does botox cause MORE wrinkles?!

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wannabefree Tue 30-Aug-11 21:15:34

I had botox for the first time about six months ago. I had a small amount injected as all I had was one crease that was starting to remain when my forehead was relaxed. I quite liked the effect of the botox, but thought I wouldn't bother with it again once it wore off.

After three months, as the botox wore off I suddenly noticed lines at the corners of my eyes when I smiled. I had never noticed them before, and they gave me the shock of my life! I ran back to my botox practitioner to get a top-up.

It is now three months after my second injection and those bloody creases at the corners of my eyes are back when I smile. I also notice some creases under my eyes that I have never noticed before.

It could be:

1) I had these lines before I ever got botox, but didn't notice them.
2) They have appeared in the last 6 months and would have done botox or no botox
3) As the botox is wearing off it's causing my skin to look funny- they're not wrinkles as in lines, but more where the skin is folding in a weird way.
4)Botox has GIVEN me wrinkles!

Has anybody noticed anything like this?

I just want the botox to wear off now, and I'm not going to get it again, because its so tempting to keep doing it, and there has to come a point where you stop I suppose!

MrsCampbellBlack Tue 30-Aug-11 21:23:15

I love botox - get frown lines done and its brilliant.

I suspect you're just examining your face more and noticing other wrinkles more.

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