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A question for S&B ladies who knit!

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Millie1 Tue 30-Aug-11 17:05:20

I've read a number of threads recently which mention knitting. What do you knit? I used to knit and enjoyed it but now I can't think of what to knit. Jumpers always have that homemade look about them - speaks volumes of my knitting skills perhaps wink. And, let's be honest, I never manage to finish them. Last one was a grey cable which still needs a sleeve but I ran out of wool years ago! I was lying in bed last night wondering what I could knit ... a throw for our bed, much cheaper than a £300 number from the White Company? But no, would need an industrial knitting machine for that! And don't want the patchwork look? Some nice cardigans for DTs? That might be an idea? But where does one go for nice wool and modern patterns if one doesn't have a wool shop within heaven knows how many miles?

Humour me! grin

FoundWanting Tue 30-Aug-11 17:12:23

Ravelry is free to sign up to and has loads of free patterns. I've just this morning found Knitty but haven't had much of a look yet.

I'm knitting a slouchy beret for DD at the moment, and have knitted a snood in soft grey for myself recently.

John Lewis has lovely wool, if a bit pricey.

heather1980 Tue 30-Aug-11 18:02:48

twist collective have some beautiful patterns
petitepurls for kids stuff
ravelry for just about everything!

wool shops, ive had great service from greatbritishwool, get knitted, purl city yarns, stash and modernknitting.

niminypiminy Tue 30-Aug-11 18:46:28

I've been knitting lace scarves. They're not that difficult (no shaping) and the effect is wonderful. I think Rowan have a new lace knitting book out which has some lovely patterns.

Millie1 Tue 30-Aug-11 21:14:58

Thanks everyone. I shall go and google!

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