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I think I'm losing my hair.

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ParkerRocks Mon 29-Aug-11 22:24:14

I have recently had a baby and I realise that some hair loss after pregnancy is normal, but this seems excessive.
I have developed a receeding hairline and look dracula esque! I run my hands through my hair literally a clump comes away, never mind the state of the plug hole after showering!
Has anyone else suffered severe hair loss after pregnancy?
I'm wondering if breastfeeding can affect it, DD is 4 months and EBF.
Some reassuring stories would be lovely as it's really starting to worry me

mumatron Mon 29-Aug-11 22:25:30

Mine came out in great big clumps but I never had any bald patches or anything. how long ago did you have the baby?

ParkerRocks Mon 29-Aug-11 22:27:58

She is four months now. It's thinning right in the front and is so obvious to me, DH says I'm imagining it but I fear he is just being kind!

PacificDogwood Mon 29-Aug-11 22:28:40

Yep, it is normal, sorry.

I used to have to stop washing my hair half-way through, clear out the plughole and then continue my shower, clearing up again after I was done.

My pillowcase was black with hair every morning.

I developed a proper Widow's Peak (which I don't normally have).

If I shook my head, hair when flying.

I absolutely hated it. Four times grin.

It's all back to normal btw. 4-5 months postnatal is when it kicks off IME.
If you have reason to believe you could be irondeficient or low in protein, see your GP - there are blood tests to confirm those. Oh, and it's nothing to do with BFing.
But otherwise, hang in there, it'll be fine. Or cut your hair short - I did grin.

IwoulddoPachacuti Mon 29-Aug-11 22:28:42

I was the same! I had a hairline like an old man and I have a couple of friends who were the same. Please try not to worry about it, it does stop eventually.

Nobody prepares you for these things, I expected to lose just a few strands when in the shower hmm

mumatron Mon 29-Aug-11 22:30:52

my dd2 is 7 months and mine is still falling out sad

it does get better though.

ParkerRocks Mon 29-Aug-11 22:40:15

Thank you all so much, I feel much better about it now!

pacific your experience sounds exactly the same as what's happening with my hair just now! I doubt it's a deficiency as I eat well, very varied diet!
I don't think I can bare to cut it short! It's long, halfway down my back, I wouldn't know where to begin with a whole new style!

Oh well, I guess eventually it will stop and thicken back up again. hmm

PacificDogwood Mon 29-Aug-11 22:42:57

I just couldn't stand the mess anymore grin, snipsnip!

It fell out for about 3 long months and then regrew just fine. By about 1 year post-natal I felt my hair was back to normal again.
The falling out is annoying, but the horrible short regrowth - gah!

Really one of those things nobody really tells you about before you have a baby.

MissVerinder Mon 29-Aug-11 22:50:48

Mine all fell out at the front as well at about 3-4 months. It went all thin and 'orrid, but then seemed to thicken up almost overnight.

I used batiste dry shampoo to avoid washing it every day (v. sweaty post natally!)

ParkerRocks Mon 29-Aug-11 22:55:39

I know what you mean about the mess pacific! And thinking about it the regrowth is going to be a real pain in the bum! I'll have a lions mane!
My head is also so itchy with all the loose hair caught up in it!

georgie22 Mon 29-Aug-11 23:29:32

Ooh yes I remember the hair loss well. I've got very thick hair normally and could actually see my scalp above both temples, which scared me terribly. Every time I touched my hair loads of it seemed to fall out and there was tons of it stuck round the brushes on the bottom of the Dyson!! Luckily friends reassured me it would stop and they were right. My hair loss started about 3 months after birth and lasted for 2-3 months. My hair's more or less back to normal now (dd is 10 months) but I've got regrowth at both temples which looks like 2 horns!!

daimbardiva Mon 29-Aug-11 23:35:15

Mine started coming out when ds was about 5 months - LOADS came out, and mostly from around my hairline. I was really glad I had a fringe as this helped to disguise it, but even so I couldn't tie it back for a while as had bald patches at my temples!

It was alarming, but iddn't last for long!

PJFanClub Tue 30-Aug-11 00:04:42

Try not to obsess about it, it is normal and it will grow back and then you'll discover that this starts to happen in your hairline!

Perhaps take a good post-natal multivitamin and maybe some spa-tone iron supplement too (check if it is suitable for bf) to support new growth.

Washing it or not washing it won't make any difference I'm afraid, it will come out regardless.

georgie22 Tue 30-Aug-11 00:16:47

PJFanClub - that's exactly what I've got but mine stick up! Guess I could gel them down for the kiss curl look!!

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