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What are you wearing with leggings/skinnies this year?

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blueskydrinking Mon 29-Aug-11 21:36:19

I love the leggings/tunic/boots look and I want to get into it this year.

I've got a couple of dress length tunics (just above the knee) but the length doesn't flatter me.

I want to find something that's mid-thigh so respectable, but more flattering. I'm struggling though.

Has anyone got any suggestions? I love this:

but it's too £££ for me sad

Millie1 Mon 29-Aug-11 22:11:08

Have a look at the Boden stripy jumper. It's lovely!

LouRoucas Mon 29-Aug-11 22:14:01


blueskydrinking Tue 30-Aug-11 08:02:23

Oooooh i love that boden jumper.... thanks Millie smile Think I may be ordering one of those.

White Company is one of my fav sites but haven't been overwhelmed by the tunics this year for the same reasons as above... too long for me and too £££ for everyday 'staples'.

TracyK Tue 30-Aug-11 10:55:20

Try H&M - I got a couple of thick silky dresses - which I think I may get taken up or at least ruched at the sides - and they were £24.
Try a belt on your existing dresses and pull up the dress a bit and see if they would work if made shorter.

beverleyjayne Tue 30-Aug-11 12:30:38

oh millie i love the boden stripey jumper, i bought 2 lol, the pink and the green!!
cant wait to wear them grin

brookeslay Tue 30-Aug-11 12:37:16

The Boden one was nice but Angora in it grrr another one the lovely Gillybob linked to by Phase eight but it also has angora in it.

So I need a soft cotton one hope the thread link some more.

Mumsnut Tue 30-Aug-11 12:43:21

Chunky jumpers are in this year aren't they? <hesitantly speaks whole new language>

YouDoTheMath Tue 30-Aug-11 13:12:07

I went into town the other day and there are loads of long/oversized jumpers for this sort of look. I spent most of the time in H&M and Warehouse.

blueskydrinking Thu 01-Sep-11 22:03:39

Thanks everyone.

You're nearly fluent, mumsnut!! I like chunky jumpers, I hope you're right smile

I'll go and have a look in H&M at the weekend. Ours is a bit like a jumble sale though, it's not a great place when speed shopping with a little one. Hmm are they online? <wanders off to investigate>

TracyK Fri 02-Sep-11 08:00:10

Yes H&M are online. Sign up for a catalogue and they intermittently send you discount codes.

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