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I want to be blonde again!

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ScarletLady01 Mon 29-Aug-11 18:27:44

Any advice from people well versed in home colouring appreciated.

I'm naturally a dark blonde but for a couple of years and up until around October/November last year I was bleaching to white blonde...this was the colour I got (LOVED it but the upkeep with a new baby was a nightmare).

Blonde hair

Since then I've put semi perm (Directions) pink on it, now I'm red (permanent box dye with a semi perm dark red to stop it being horribly orange). This is about the closest pic to what it is now. It's a little darker

Red hair

So my question is this. What's the best way to get back to blonde? I know there's probably going to be some hideous in between stages but I have a lot of hats! Any help appreciated.

Whysoserious Mon 29-Aug-11 21:24:58

I think your best bet is to get yourself to the hairdressers for a bleach wash and then start building the blonde back up with highlights - I wouldn't recommend an all over bleach after that because it will totally screw your hair over.

Good luck! Both colours look great btw!

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