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Best brand of comfortable, vaguely stylish shoes that are actually good for your feet?

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sallyseton Mon 29-Aug-11 18:23:46

Do they exist? cheap shoes hurt my feet and I'm fed up enough to be shelling out a bit more for good shoes. Any recommendations? Are Russel and Bromley any good?

TigerseyeMum Mon 29-Aug-11 18:28:02

I only wear Clarks, I cannot walk in any other type of shoe, especially heels. I once walked 5 miles down then up steep hills in 1 foot of snow in a blizzard in my Clarks high heels, not only did I make it but they lived to fight another day. Even after crashing through ice into a deep puddle up to my mid calf grin

Proper sizing, different widths (in some of them) and with a good range with 'cushion' heels. Not a 'fashion' range therefore made to do the job, but not as frumpy as some might have you believe (I get tons of compliments on my shoes).

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