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"The delicate skin around the eyes"

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HallnotOates Mon 29-Aug-11 13:56:48

Is this z load if crap? Why will running IN eye cream make you haggard?
Why am I to pat in concealer?

YouDoTheMath Mon 29-Aug-11 16:46:44

Apparently you should treat the skin on your face like paper, and the skin around your eyes like tissue paper as it's a difference consistency and is more delicate.

You're supposed to pat concealer because if you rub it in, you'll be habitually pulling at the skin and over time will cause it to wrinkle quicker than if you pat it.

HallnotOates Mon 29-Aug-11 17:09:22

but tht is bollocks surely.

JustAnother Mon 29-Aug-11 17:27:01

if you think it is bollocks, just ignore it. I personally believe it is true.

TattyDevine Mon 29-Aug-11 17:28:41

I think its probably a bit bollocks in that what causes wrinkles is the loss of collagen/elastin (i.e the aging process) so till that is evident, you can get away with anything, and after, you can get away with nothing!

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