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What shoes and wrap/ cardi to wear with this dress?

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Lainey1981 Mon 29-Aug-11 13:35:49

Have just bought this dress for a wedding I am going to on Friday in Budapest.
I have no clue what colour shoes to wear with it. Also, i have horrid fat arms so want a cardi or wrap to wear with it too.
I was thinking silver, but am clueless. Please help. I would prefer flat or flatish shoes as am fairly tall 5ft9 and not used to heels.

HallnotOates Mon 29-Aug-11 13:38:57

Lol a dress? For a wedding?! Lol

Lainey1981 Mon 29-Aug-11 13:41:46

? What does your comment mean? Are you laughing at my choice if dress?

Lainey1981 Mon 29-Aug-11 13:41:59


HallnotOates Mon 29-Aug-11 13:48:20's fine.

Just go to monsoon and get a cardigan

Lainey1981 Mon 29-Aug-11 13:49:01


Collision Mon 29-Aug-11 13:52:11

HallnOates - why be so horrible?

The dress is lovely Lainey. Not sure how I would accessorise but not a cardigan.

Cream pashmina?
Cream shoes?

Lainey1981 Mon 29-Aug-11 13:54:36

Thanks collision was thinking had commited a mumsnet faux pas by buying something from monsoon.
pashmina, good idea, any idea where I can get one that is not too expensive? and like the idea of cream, will have a look

HallnotOates Mon 29-Aug-11 13:54:49

How does someone buy a dress without giving actgiught to how you'll wear it.

It's me

Just bored of these threads. Yes i know don't click. Yada yada

Lainey1981 Mon 29-Aug-11 13:57:56

Someone who only had an hour away from their baby, and who looks crap in nearly everything they try on.

HallnotOates Mon 29-Aug-11 13:59:42

NOW YOU ARE TSLKING. Ok. Stand by. Am moving onto pc.

rolls up sleeves

HallnotOates Mon 29-Aug-11 14:01:03

dress nice
weather in BUDA is HOT on friday. so you need to consdier.
are your arms really that bad?
can we see them? IMO if they are a bit tanned no one cares, no one in buda will be covered up surely

Lainey1981 Mon 29-Aug-11 14:01:30

<nervously awaits halls next post >

HallnotOates Mon 29-Aug-11 14:02:26

i like this,5,shop,women,womenparty,bolerosandshrugs but god viscose in that heat?

i think a pashmina will look at bit old lady and will you be fannying around pulling it over you all the time

get fake tanning

HallnotOates Mon 29-Aug-11 14:02:35,5,shop,women,womenparty,bolerosandshrugs

HallnotOates Mon 29-Aug-11 14:02:56

Shoe wise i think the solution is come dancing silver type

Lainey1981 Mon 29-Aug-11 14:03:38

Yes i see it will be hot. I am size 16 so yes and have v fat arms ( working on it)
wedding is inside, but obviously don't want to be roasting
Def not tanned, v pale irish skin, fake tan not an option as never looks human on me

HallnotOates Mon 29-Aug-11 14:05:53


vase just combusted

Lainey1981 Mon 29-Aug-11 14:06:02

Thanks for suggestions, shrug is nice, but yes don't think I could cope with that fabric in the heat. Has given me some ideas though, so trawk the shops tomorrow with ds, a lot easier when no changing rooms to contend with.

HallnotOates Mon 29-Aug-11 14:06:13

take a pic of arms

let us judge

Lainey1981 Mon 29-Aug-11 14:08:52

No camera, but seriously trust me they are yuk. I just wouldn't feel comfortable.
Have always had disproportionatly (sp) big arms even when I was size 10. Weird genes.

HallnotOates Mon 29-Aug-11 14:10:33

why not change dress then for small sleeves

would be more useful

Lainey1981 Mon 29-Aug-11 14:13:10

I did think of that, but was the only dress I liked that wasn't indecently short. I will figure something out.
This has definitely focused my mind towards serious diet and excercise as hate planning clothes around my bloody arms.

HallnotOates Mon 29-Aug-11 14:14:21

yes i know what you mean.
think shrug will be de trop though.
go to John lewis?

LadyClariceCannockMonty Mon 29-Aug-11 14:16:01

Contrasting shoes. Bright yellow. Then you can go bare-armed and no one will notice because the attention will be on your shoes and dress. The dress is gorgeous, by the way , and will be fantastic with your colouring.

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