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Does anyone else dither about what to put on in the morning?

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MrsRobertDuvall Mon 29-Aug-11 10:21:12

today it is sunny.
But I know there's a bit of a wind.
Too hot for jeans, have put linen trousers on and a top. But I need a cardi- long or elbow length sleeve?
And it chilly for sandals?
Yesterday I wanted boots and a scarf.
Oh for autumn.

Yes! Autumn dressing is so much easier - and looks so much better too. I wore my boots yesterday because I decided I wanted it to be Autumn even if the weather didn't quite yet!

So far today I have avoided dithering by remaining in my PJs.

Bumblequeen Mon 29-Aug-11 20:52:44

I choose my work outfits the night before - saves times dithering in the morning.

I find spring/summer difficult as there is no guarantee that the weather will stay bright all day. I too prefer the autumn/winter months- nothing nicer than fitted jeans, riding boots and a snug coat!

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