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Another boots question... Are these okay?

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niccibabe Mon 29-Aug-11 02:12:16

my boots

I have these boots, am wide of calf so choices are restricted.

Would be prepared to splash out on a new pair for the autumn, but wear these as well if not too old fashioned.


spiderslegs Mon 29-Aug-11 02:24:04


niccibabe Mon 29-Aug-11 02:28:36

okay spiderlegs what can I wear instead?

need both wide foot and wide calf hence still having these archaelogical remains

PerryCombover Mon 29-Aug-11 02:30:07

no nicci

how wide are our calves and how £ are you?
formal like the old ones or for down time?

PerryCombover Mon 29-Aug-11 02:32:02

what about any of these fellas?

spiderslegs Mon 29-Aug-11 02:32:32

I too am wide of foot, ok, wide of calf - how wide?

Not so wide you can't wear a boot.

gregssausageroll Mon 29-Aug-11 08:04:56

They are not bad. I am not keen on the heel. Clarks have lots in at the moment for wider fits.

niccibabe Mon 29-Aug-11 08:42:09

Hi, thanks everyone , sorry I had to go to bed...not ignoring you

How wide of calf and foot? - had to order extra wide calf before, and foot EEE blush rest of me is about a size 20 and I'm short.

Looking for something to update my workwear, so probably more formal. ££ or £, not £££. None of the £500 jobs please!

Perry thank you will have a proper look later

Can short people wear ankle boots?

switchtvoffdosomelessboring Mon 29-Aug-11 16:44:49

like the tan ones


bucaneve Mon 29-Aug-11 16:56:08

I'm short and wear ankle boots. I hope there's not a rule against it!

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