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What, out of your wardrobe, does your DP/DH hate?

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YouDoTheMath Sun 28-Aug-11 22:02:51

Mine doesn't like my leggings or my oversized sunglasses and has forbidden me to buy a jumpsuit.


RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 28-Aug-11 22:06:50

I have a blue trenchcoat, which he detests. Other than that, he hasn't really objected to anything.

MissBeehiving Sun 28-Aug-11 22:08:18

He knows better than to pass comment grin

Sarsaparilllla Sun 28-Aug-11 22:16:19

I have a top with owls on that he doesn't like but I still wear it, I don't think he 'gets' it grin

If he tried to tell me not to buy something I really wanted I think I'd just be more adament I wanted it wink

YouDoTheMath Sun 28-Aug-11 22:18:35

Yes I feel inclined to do that - plus when he sees how frickin good it looks he'll change his mind!

babycham42 Sun 28-Aug-11 22:29:58

Leggings. Which I love. And continue to wear.

Casmama Sun 28-Aug-11 22:37:44

A bright yellow rain coat which in fact was a serious error of judgement on my part and I'm not sure I have ever worn but keep threatening too. Also a jumper I bought in a size 24 when I was an 18 as I liked it baggy and it was in the sale - I am now a size 14 and it does look ridiculous. Other than that he is generally pretty complimentary.

RedBlanket Sun 28-Aug-11 22:48:26

Everything I wear to bed.
I wear old vintage tshirts I've had for decades a while. He buys me nice PJs and fancy stuff buf it's just not comfortable.

Beesok Sun 28-Aug-11 22:53:51

I think he likes most of the stuff - depends how I wear it, he sort of looks at the big picture smile which is frustrating because he'll like the top one day and not another day when I wear it differently? hmm

He specifically doesn't like chunky statement jewellery, which I love and continue to buy and wear, must say some pieces actually grew on him :P

TBH unless we're going to a specific event i.e. his family event or his work event I don't really care if he likes the outfit or not :P

MillontheFloss Sun 28-Aug-11 23:11:48

jogging bottoms worn around the house or other elasticated trousers (eg harem pants) that resemble pyjamas, in his eyes, outside the house.

FoundWanting Sun 28-Aug-11 23:20:25

Cardigans. He loathes them.

Actually, I think he hates the word 'cardigan' more but his hatred has spread to the item. He once used the phrase 'a nice cardigan' as an example when explaining oxymorons/oxymora to DS1.

AbsDuWolef Sun 28-Aug-11 23:26:11

Oh, many things. One top which is blue and flowery - he despises it. Really, really can't stand it. Another one (though I am seeing where he's coming from on this) which is a floral (see a theme?) blouse which I thought my Mom would like; I don't know what possessed me to buy something that I thought would look good on a woman in her mid 60s. I do feel I wear it well, with insouciant attitude, and he has admitted that on occassion. My super comfy pj bottoms, and one of my pairs of harem trousers (but my friend LOVES them, so they stay)

I would criticise his wardrobe, but it's all so dull (jeans and t shirts, polo shirts and button down shirts) I just couldn't bring up the energy

DocDuck Sun 28-Aug-11 23:39:09

DH hoards (and continues to wear) EVERY item of clothing, no matter how ripped / stained. I once threw away a top which had bleach all over it and he didn't notice, but when I told him three months later he was genuinely angry.
MIL tells me that his father was the same - he once injured himself while wearing a particularly vile jumper and she managed to persuade the medical staff to cut it off him so she could throw it away. Nice to know her priorities were in the right place in a time of crisis!

thenightsky Sun 28-Aug-11 23:42:05

Blimey.. just realised that my DH has never ever said he hates me in any clothing. He might fall on the floor laughing if I ever appeared in a wolef fleec though.

Beesok Mon 29-Aug-11 00:53:37

oh yeah - harem pants - I don't think any man likes them! I have one pair, which if I say so myself actually look pretty damn good - got them on sale at Philip Lim so the cut and material are very good ;) he thinks they're awful but all my friends love them too so I wear them when out with the girls as a compromise smile

PS do your DH/DP notice your shoes?? Mine seems blind to them ;)

Beesok Mon 29-Aug-11 00:54:48

*Phillip blush

PerryCombover Mon 29-Aug-11 01:05:55

boyfriend jeans
leggings..he thinks tunics would look better as dresses.....
big cardigans
nude underwear

sancerrre Mon 29-Aug-11 01:37:35

Likes anything classically stylish, ie, not in fashion.
Dislikes anything out of the ordinary and so probably in fashion.

BleughCowWonders Mon 29-Aug-11 05:29:02

has never commented apart from 'that's nice'. smile Might notice a bit more cleavage than normal, but just grins.
Has a look of blind panic when asked directly about any clothes/ hair/ shoes ...

TigerseyeMum Mon 29-Aug-11 10:51:57

My OH hates 'sensible' shoes. I have some shoes - Clarks flats, and Rocket Dog etc - that he says look like 'special shoes'. If we go into a shoe shop he'll roll his eyes and say 'I know exactly which ones you are looking at, and they're horrible' grin

So yep, obviously, I bought the dark purple, flat wedgie Mary Jane's grin

He hates them....

Well, a girl can't wear heels all the time.

muminthemiddle Mon 29-Aug-11 11:02:39

I bought a brightly coloured dress after realising that I wore mainly black and white.
It is sleeveless and above the knee with ruffles down the front my dh calls it the clown dress.
Also any jogging bottoms, pjs, lounging clothes that I wear around the house. Dh would prefer me to be in heels and a baby doll but I tell him to jog on.

WillPenn Mon 29-Aug-11 14:05:18

Sancerre. Are we married to the same man? DH would have me in cashmere sweaters and "smart" jeans with penny loafers and a silk scarf to accessorize.

He loathes almost everything I wear (I lean in the boho direction) - though I once asked him to tell me what I had in my wardrobe and he couldn't name a single thing....He has also described one scarf that I own as a "crime against fashion", although I've received numerous compliments on it whilst out and about.

talkingnonsense Mon 29-Aug-11 15:34:18

I have a phase 8 t shirt that apparently looks like something his mum would wear!
And he hates all wrap over tops and dresses, they make everyone look fat.

Ephiny Mon 29-Aug-11 15:41:13

Nothing - as far as I know! He isn't too bothered about clothes and fashion, and doesn't usually comment on what I'm wearing - occasionally will say 'you look nice in that' (e.g. on the rare occasion I wear a dress!), but has never criticised anything.

LadyClariceCannockMonty Mon 29-Aug-11 15:43:29

He either loves everything I own not bloody likely; I hate some of it myself or just isn't that bothered. He will step up to the mark and discuss/pass opinion on clothes when asked though.

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