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Has anyone bought Dinosoles shoes and what are they like....

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vanillamum Sun 28-Aug-11 13:34:57

Just to clarify I am not contemplating getting them for me but I know my 4 year old would love them. Does anyone have any feedback about if they are any good? dinosoles
I am just doing the school shoe shop and it is so expensive, anyway can buy Dinosoles shoes for £25 which my son will love but I have only seen them online and I can't tell if they will last or not. The school is very liberal btw and flashing lights and colours is fine so have you any suggestions of good places to buy shoes. Also just looked and seen they seem more like trainers than shoes, is it really bad to have your kids in trainers all day or is it just my mum and clarks conspiracy?!
Has to be an online shop suitable for girls 9.5F, girl 13.5 g boy 10g. Thanks, can you tell the school uniform stuff is doing my head in...

accessorizequeen Sun 28-Aug-11 13:55:58

Hi, I got some for 6yo ds last year. They r v v wide fitting and he has v narrow feet so not a good match. But he loved them and they are v warm and padded which was great in winter. But quite heavy so not trainers they can run well in. I've got trainers from clarks for both my school age boys, seem ideal and I hate black shoes! Ds1 got a lot of mileage from flashing lights and dinosaur prints in the snow. They wore pretty well.

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