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pamplemousserose Sat 27-Aug-11 16:53:52

Am I being unreasonable to only want to wear dresses? I do have a couple of pairs of jeans, but to honest I only want to wear dresses and skirts at the moment.

TrillianAstra Sat 27-Aug-11 17:37:11

YANBU - as long as you're not doing any activities that require leg-covering (not sure what they would be)

Er, is that it? You want permission to not wear trousers?

pamplemousserose Sat 27-Aug-11 18:21:22

I find cycling easier in a skirt, trouser clips are such a faff

rubyrubyruby Sat 27-Aug-11 18:25:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pamplemousserose Sat 27-Aug-11 19:45:23

I just feel bad when women have fought for so long not to wear a skirt

pamplemousserose Sat 27-Aug-11 19:48:57

I just feel bad when women have fought for so long not to wear a skirt

TrillianAstra Sat 27-Aug-11 19:58:57

We haven't fought to not wear skirts, it's to have the choice of wearing skirts and trousers and any other leg-coverings we choose.

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