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Can you please help me find a bridesmaid's dress??(I am desperate!)

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SpottyStripes Sat 27-Aug-11 13:54:07

Hi all, one of my friends is getting married in December and has asked me and another lady to be bridesmaids. She has chosen a very bright pink for the colour scheme, and asked me and wants me and the other bridesmaid to wear different dresses (but in the same fabric). The other bridesmaid (she's not particularly nice, her fiancee's sister, rather high maintenance) has already chosen her dress (here ) and now I have to find a similar one in the same horrible lovely fabric. I'd be really really grateful for your help! I'm size 10, 5ft 5, dark blonde hair. Thank you sooo much!!

DuelingFanjo Sat 27-Aug-11 14:06:46

do you mean same colour or 100% polyester?

DuelingFanjo Sat 27-Aug-11 14:45:03

this? but it's satin.

DoubleDegreeStudent Sat 27-Aug-11 14:47:40

What's your budget? Presumably she doesn't expect you to find the exact same fabric...? Having said that, maybe Debenhams will bring out a different style in the same fabric?

I get the feeling you don't think you'll be wearing the dress again... They aren't polyester but are any of these any good?

similar colour?


DuelingFanjo Sat 27-Aug-11 14:50:15


DuelingFanjo Sat 27-Aug-11 14:53:00


hellymelly Sat 27-Aug-11 15:03:58

sounds a bit mad really,as the dresses will not be quite the same colour,and that one that the other bridesmaid has chosen is really hideous. The long strapless Dina Bar-El satin one in the link that doubledegree sent for the hire place,seems like the most similar in colour but a much nicer and better quality dress.

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