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This morning.....

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iWILLdothis Sat 27-Aug-11 08:31:51

.....I'm expecting my amargan oil to arrive in the post. grin Wanted to try it for months now after recommendations on here but had so many other hair products I wanted to use up first before I could justify splashing out.
Also expecting the dr marten elena boots to arrive today, another recommendation on here. AIBU to be ridiculously excited about this? Just to set the scene, I'm housebound ALL DAY as DH out with car and I'm 7months pg and haven't spent any money on myself for months except for all the boring maternity essentials like bras and bigger knickers.
This had better be worth the wait and the money!

rubyrubyruby Sat 27-Aug-11 15:40:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

iWILLdothis Mon 29-Aug-11 20:19:39

NO! angry sad
Thanks for asking. Got an email today saying that the boots have not yet been dispatched....looking doubtful I'll ever get 'em. Grrrrr.
Bank hol today so surely the hair stuff should arrive tomorrow? <hopeful>

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