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Make up novice needs qucik help please

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TheOriginalFAB Sat 27-Aug-11 07:30:40

Do I match my eye shadow to my eye colour or my clothes?

Eyes are hazel.

Dress is pink, purple, orange, coffee.

I don't have pink, purple or orange eyeshadow.

TheOriginalFAB Sat 27-Aug-11 07:48:34

The make up guru that is my dh hmmgrin has chosen for me.

I hate it when he is right.

peasandlove Sat 27-Aug-11 07:50:52

unless it's an 80's party I'd stick with neutral eyeshadow. Cover the whole lid with a neutral colour then shade your crease with a brown or grey. Sorry I'm rubbish at explaining this stuff

TheOriginalFAB Sat 27-Aug-11 07:57:47

That ispretty much what I have done. Thank you.

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