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PLEASE help me find an outfit (or two) for a hen night out in London!

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virgiltracey Fri 26-Aug-11 09:00:11

I have no idea what to wear at all. Its a small group and we're going for a meal and then to bars/a club. I live in the sticks and go out once in a blue moon and have nothing even vaguely suitable. I need something glamourous but not mutton dressed as lamb. I'm nearly 40, long mid brown highlighted hair, olive skin, boobs but slim. Generally go for quite a glam made up look. Everyone going on the hen night is of the "make a serious effort" type.

Help. I need a dress of some description and then maybe a blazer or soemthing to go with it since I don't have a jacket either! Budget is a couple of hundred quid in total max.

callmemalcolm Fri 26-Aug-11 17:35:10


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