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Really struggling to dress myself - Help please

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neverright Thu 25-Aug-11 16:11:28


I've come here for some help, please. I've never been very good at putting clothes together but I've reached an all time low. Following a recent accident I've put on a bit of extra weight, now a larger 12, I'm unable to do my hair, make up etc so not really looking my best. I've ordered some clothes to try and everything I chose just looks ridiculous.

I'm a pear shape and struggle with colours due to my colouring, red hair and pale freckly skin. I'll be looking at going back to work once I'm fixed after spending 4 years as a sahm. I could really do with a style injection or learn how to chose clothes that suit me. I've tried House of Frasers personal shopper a couple of years ago to help with a wedding outfit. It wan'ts that successful so has put me off trying again...So I turn to you ladies who in the past unknowingly have helped me with boots and winter coats.

Any advice would be really gratefully received.

FauxFox Thu 25-Aug-11 17:34:29

What is the dress code at your work?

neverright Thu 25-Aug-11 17:58:13


Sorry in my rant I didn't give you all the info. I'll be looking for a job, so dress code is unknown at the moment. I'm really looking for things to wear during the day to make myself look smarter, possible clothes for interviews, and a general wardrobe overall. I potentially have £800 to spend I don't really want to spend too much on single pieces as I need to get so much. My autumn winter wardrobe hasn't really been updated since ds was born

My daily look is jeans and plain tops always, grey, blue, black or khaki. I hate opening my wardrobe it looks so boring. I'm 36 if that helps.


FauxFox Thu 25-Aug-11 18:22:07

Dark red knitted dress with opaques and boots or over skinny jeans
cute tunic in olive or petrol blue with jeans or dressed up with black cigarette trousers, heels and jewellery for night out
purple interview dress
spotty jumper
stripey jumper/dress
cute floral blouse
purple chiffony blouse
black high waist wide leg trousers

There is a few ideas - anything grab you? i'd recommend going shopping without kids and grabbing anything that takes your fancy even if it's not usually your thing for a mammoth trying-on session - you'll be surprised what you find you look good in smile

moonstorm Thu 25-Aug-11 19:22:50

ve a1 w

moonstorm Thu 25-Aug-11 19:23:28

Grr baby selected all and deleted at the last minute!

neverright Thu 25-Aug-11 19:24:11

Thank you so much Fauxfox for taking the time to do this it is exactly what I need.

I will definitely be ordering the spotty jumper, floral blouse and the purple blouse to try.

I actually really like the dress as well but not sure if the detail on the hips will draw attention to my 'pear' hips. Maybe worth ordering to try.

I'll update you when I've tried them on.

Thanks again.

neverright Thu 25-Aug-11 19:25:40

Ah moonstorm baby you're not helping my cause smile

FauxFox Thu 25-Aug-11 19:26:07

Happy shopping grin

moonstorm Thu 25-Aug-11 19:26:10

will suggest again when more time

moonstorm Thu 25-Aug-11 19:30:29


Good quality jeans. Wear with simple flattering tops (could just be good quality t-shirts to starts with). Wear jersey blazer (instead of cardigans). Have good quality jumpers for warmth.

Dresses: easiest way to look good - one item of clothing and you are done. Wear with Blazers (?) for warmth.

Boots (knee length for trousers and dresses) dark brown. Nice shoes for dresses.

moonstorm Thu 25-Aug-11 19:36:52





You sound like autumn colouring choose a pallet of autumn colours so everyting blends nicely together.

Just some ideas...

moonstorm Thu 25-Aug-11 19:40:10


Nice watch, necklace and belts with trousers.

Buy great coat.

Make-up (mascara and lip gloss/ lipstick) and you're done.

neverright Thu 25-Aug-11 19:57:18

Thanks for coming back to me moonstorm. Funny I was looking at jersery blazers earlier so that will go on my list.

Think I need to look for dresses that I can wear with thick tights. Could I wear a blazer with dresses or does it need to be with Jeans only

Make up unfortunately a little more is require these days grin

Thanks for your help

moonstorm Thu 25-Aug-11 21:23:45

like this?

neverright Fri 26-Aug-11 10:53:38

Thank you moonstorm

coffeenut Fri 26-Aug-11 11:03:25

Some straight leg black pants - try Gap.

A pencil skirt and (striped) knits.

These are the best work basics that you can also wear casually.

If you are after well-fitting clothes that last, I wouldn't look at Dorothy Perkins.

I find quite a few inexpensive work tops from Oasis. Personally I would get on the House of Fraser website however and search for pencil skirt, pants and knits.

coffeenut Fri 26-Aug-11 11:04:35

Just re-read your original post and would perhaps try A-line or 50s style skirts as well if you are very pear shaped.

MumblingRagDoll Fri 26-Aug-11 11:12:41

As a pear shaped size 12 I often find dresses and skirts are best when bias cut. 5os style things just draw attention to my oversized hips....blazer and jeans with good quality boots and a nice t shirt are staples for casual wear. For work a soft dress in jersey or wool is comfy and easy with tights and boots. I buy three or four and mix it up with different shoes.

louloubellamozzarella Fri 26-Aug-11 11:40:21

Hi never

If you want to shop online I would recommend ASOS - fast free delivery and it's really easy (and free!) to return things.

£800 can buy lots if you shop wisely! I would say spend a decent amount on basics - nice knitwear (jumpers from uniqlo), tshirts (dorothy Ps are good for basics) and some stretch skinny jeans (black and blue) - try maybe uniqlo topshop, DPs, new look or asos. If you go for neutrals mainly, then some strong colour and some print (leopard and patterns) that should help to update your look.

How about this grey knitted jumper tunic - you could wear with black opaques and boots for work and also dress down with leggings or tights and flat boots for casual.

New Look ballet slippers are great for wearing with trousers and dresses/skirts to work and also with jeans/leggings as casual. I find that they are good for inbetweeny weather (spring, autumn and really the weather most of the year round in the uk!) how about these patent ballet flats - come in lots of colours

I'm just about to buy these new look shoe boots for work - mid heel and comfy - not bad price either

I think tops that you can dress up or down are key as you can smarten up with a scarf or necklace if your work is dressy and wear with trousers and skirts - but also wear with jeans if you end up somewhere more casual. Loving the teal new look tunic top that someone up thread reccommended.

One other thing I have my eye on is this great jacket from warehouse - think it is a really versatile style that would suit most shapes and could be worn with lots of different outfits. Seems to be sold out most sizes online but have seen in store.

I would add some leopard print shoes (yes!) into the mix - flats or low heel to avoid chav look - and maybe some bright coloured flats too (red/turquoise/cobalt blue/bronze - depending on what colours you like and what suits you). Also a couple of chunky necklaces and a scarf or two and a pashmina with a pattern - go to H&M for these - good value and unusual patterns.

If you are ordering anything else from new look, you can get 8% cashback through and 20% off till Monday 29 Aug with the code NLAUG grin

Hope some of that helps - sorry for long message!

neverright Fri 26-Aug-11 16:02:42

Great smile

Coffeenut - Thanks for your ideas I wouldn't say I'm very pearish and don't ever wear skirts so will try both styles you have mentioned and see how I get on. I'll get searching on HoF.

Mumbling - Thank you. Definitely on the hunt for a nice blazer. Jersey dresses work look sounds great. Have found a few at Warehouse that I'll have a look at

Loulou - Wow some great links. I've already ordered the asos dress in both colours to try fab as its gone down to £27. Really like the warehouse Jacket. And will take deep breathes and try some leopard print shoes. My friend wear them and they always look fab.

Thanks all of you for taking the time to help.

Going away for the night nothing to wear but I'll have a whole new wardrobe with your help for next time grin

louloubellamozzarella Sat 27-Aug-11 01:03:00

Glad it helped. I'm gonna order the asos dress too grin - reckon it'll be great for those inbetweeny days when it's neither freezing nor warm.

Yes I think the time has come for me to take the plunge and get some leopard print shoes too. Maybe next week though as put in a mammouth new look order after writing my last message (I was inspired...) Got the red patent ballet pumps and the teal tunic top plus this in case you're looking for a dress for wearing with tights/leggings. Ok no more shopping (apart from leopard shoes..) till October: shopping ban for me!

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