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flabelos/powerplate vibration training thingy? any experiences?

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superv1xen Thu 25-Aug-11 14:46:13

tried posting this in chat the other week but it sank like a stone, no one knew anything about it grin

so thought i would try it in here, i have bought a course of sessions and i am 4 sessions into it, i think i am looking slightly more toned but not sure if its wishful thinking! the one i am using is called Flabelos but i have also heard them called Powerplate too.

basically you stand on a plate thingy which vibrates and moves around and you have to hold on and keep your balance. ten minutes on it is meant to be the equivalent of 1 hours workout. it seems too good to be true.

my friend recommended it, she has been doing it every day for about a month and swears by it, she says she has lost inches.

so i was wondering has anyone else tried it and if so, what kind of results have you had?

allpassionspent Thu 25-Aug-11 22:10:56

Our local gym has 4 Powerplates and they are very popular.
I've been vibrating weekly for a few months now smile Do 30 mins at a time with some leg waving, dumb bell heaving, elastic band twanging etc to help things along. I think it's made a difference. It's also improved my balance - can now stand on one leg for more than 5 secs (useful when trying to get wellingtons off in a hurry)

cheesesarnie Thu 25-Aug-11 22:14:23

alot of my friends used to do it.a few of them got said it was connected!
ive not done it but before infections they all swore by it

superv1xen Fri 26-Aug-11 17:12:26


cheesesarnie - how the hell did it give them cystitis? <boggles>

cheesesarnie Fri 26-Aug-11 17:32:51

no idea.all info on tinternet says it can be used to cure it.i'll text friend to see what go said.

fiorentina Fri 26-Aug-11 19:56:45

I've changed gym but at my old gym they were popular with ladies who came to the gym in a full face of make up and seemed to use them to stand on and chat instead of exercise rather than as an addition to any other gym work. I do appreciate that comment sounds quite bitchy/judgey.

I used them for toning exercises in conjunction with using other machines at the gym and found them useful and probably beneficial that way. If you think they are working for you then that's the main thing.

mosschops30 Fri 26-Aug-11 20:00:19

Of course its too good to be true. How can standing on a vibrating plate be the same as a 1 hr workout (unless your workout consists of just standing there)
Its good for using in conjunction with certain exercises (lunges, tricep dips).
But if you think your gonna stand there a few times and shed 2 stone you'll be really disappointed.
Also the cystitis link is bollocks

superv1xen Sat 27-Aug-11 11:08:49

i think the theory is it works your core as you are off balance. and because you are holding on to keep your balance and not fall off your muscles are tense and working .....hmmmm does sound like bollocks doesnt it grin <skeptical>

i don't want to lose weight anyway i am very slim, small size 8 but not toned, i just want to tone up with no effort dammit

ChuckYouFarlie Sat 27-Aug-11 14:34:56

how does it cause cystitis??? Does all the shaking make your bladder sloosh about too much?

<genuinely intrigued>

DoubleDegreeStudent Sat 27-Aug-11 14:56:20

They do work for muscle tone! Fiorentina there's a powerplate studio near me that actually advertises them by saying that they are great because you don't need to change and you don't get sweaty...

A good thing to do on powerplates are the arm exercises (don't know if this flabelos thing has them) - there are ropes on the base and you hold the handles and do a bicep curl and hold it in place and your arms go. The best is to use them for doing a plank like this.

I think you can lose inches on them just by toning up, but I don't think they work brilliantly for actual weight loss, if that makes sense...

superv1xen Sun 28-Aug-11 12:38:34

doubledegree how do you know they work?

DoubleDegreeStudent Sun 28-Aug-11 15:59:28

Not as such... I had a personal trainer for a bit [not a stealth boast, the gym messed membership up and it was an apology emoticon] and he did explain, but I was concentrating on not looking like a total tit at the time. I think it's something to do with the vibrations being destabilising, so your muscles have to work harder to do the same amount of work. So if you do a plank on a floor mat it uses x, y and z muscles but doing the same thing on a wobbly platform uses x, y and z muscles three times as much. Maybe. Sorry, that isn't much help...

My gym has a useful flick chart on the powerplates which shows the exercises you can do and which muscles they use. The first time I used one I did a normal session and then had ten minutes on the powerplate - the next day the muscles I had used powerplating were very achey (when normally they wouldn't be).

bigkidsdidit Sun 28-Aug-11 20:24:48

I used to go to classes twice a week before I got pregnant and then too broke with childcare costs. I loved them! No they won't make you super fit alone but fab for toning I think combined with cardio. After about six weeks I had rock hard abs, anyway!

CamillaSalander Sun 28-Aug-11 20:27:09

Just have a go. Your muscles will tell you whether they work or not. grin After a very short workout you can feel it.

superv1xen Mon 29-Aug-11 09:50:28

oh i have had a go camilla i have had four sessions and as i say, i THINK i am more toned but not sure if its just hopeful wishful thinking grin

well i think i am going to carry on with it anyway. will report back after say, a month of using it and let you all you all can't wait.... grin

CamillaSalander Mon 29-Aug-11 11:38:55

I might be scared to see someone sooooo hard. grin I intend to keep it up this autumn, so yes, do post with impressive results - will keep me going...

SerenaT28 Mon 23-Jul-12 17:38:24

I know this is an old thread but I wondered if anyone had an update on the results on one of these machines?

I've been looking into getting one at home but the prices are so different- i'm overwhelmed!

Apparently Power plates and Flabelos are completely different things- Power Plates vibrate you in a buzzing way and Flabelos jiggle you from side to side. Gyms use power plates and salons use Flabelos. Flabelos you just stand and let the machine wobble you but with a power plate you carry out exercises on them.

I've seen a really similar machine to the Flabelos but for like a third of the price... I'm seriously tempted!

24HourPARDyPerson Mon 23-Jul-12 22:14:42

That's funny about the cystitis link. I used a power plate before and wanted to get back to it. But I had a difficult birth 9 months ago and some ongoing pelvic floor issues, so I wonder would it be best to stay away?

Viperidae Mon 23-Jul-12 22:22:55

My friend has one at her house so uses it twice a day and has really changed shape since she got it. She is quite a bit slimmer (could be due to the divorce diet too) but is much more toned and just a different shape somehow.

I offered to "babysit" the machine when she sells her house but she, very unreasonably, is insisting on only moving to somewhere that will accommodate it.

mirry2 Mon 23-Jul-12 22:28:11

I use the powerplate regularly and it really makes me sweat so I don't understand people whp say it is exercise without the sweating. I haven't noticed it doing me any good but I'm using it in combination with other machines so difficult to know

suburbandweller Tue 24-Jul-12 09:40:11

I have this one and really like it - I looked at quite a few before buying this one based on the good reviews. You do need to use it regularly and I think it works best as part of a more general exercise regime, but the guide with it reckons using it alone about twice a day will work for weight loss. I use it for 10 mins at the start and 10 mins at the end of a workout, three times a week. I think it's making a real difference to my cellulite, which increased massively through pregnancy. I love the fact that you can use it without getting sweaty and without needing to turn the tv up to maximum volume!

4lbsOfShiteInA2lbBag Tue 24-Jul-12 09:48:53

I did a few months of Powerplate training when I began a weight loss regime. 4-5 sessions a week (15 minutes at a time) with a 'trainer' who developed a programme of exercises incorporating aerobic exercise and weights. And I did sweat...buckets! I did lose weight but I was also being careful about what I ate so it wouldn't have all been down to the powerplate training. I found it a really good kickstart to exercise but after a few months I felt like I'd got as much as I could from it and joined a gym instead.

dexter73 Tue 24-Jul-12 12:44:19

I use a vibrogym powerplate at the gym. I certainly get sweaty when I use it and I do ache afterwards. I find it very good for toning. It isn't a substitute for a cardio workout. I don't know how much the ones people use at home cost but the one at my gym cost over £8000!

JuliaScurr Tue 24-Jul-12 12:50:47

Good for MS as you don't need to move in order to exercise muscles, bit like Slendertone

SerenaT28 Tue 24-Jul-12 19:22:23

I'm taking the plunge and am going to get this one ... have read reviews that it's exactly the same as a power plate so will let you know how I get on. From what I understand (after weeks of research!) the tri-plane machines are the ones at David Lloyd and LA Fitness. Have been told I should be doing cardio too so will have to start saving for a treadmill next! Maybe next year... smile
Would still love to hear from anyone who's had success with a power plate/ tri plane vibration plate. I promise to remember to come back and update in a few weeks... when I look like Miranda Kerr!

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