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Any White Stuff insiders about? Will they do the BOGOF sale thingy again?

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QueeferSutherland Thu 25-Aug-11 10:16:25

I missed out last time and I have my beady eye on a couple of things.

QueeferSutherland Thu 25-Aug-11 14:17:31


pamplemousserose Thu 25-Aug-11 14:20:00

No idea, don't seem to have much left in their sale.

pamplemousserose Thu 25-Aug-11 14:20:23

No idea, don't seem to have much left in their sale.

QueeferSutherland Thu 25-Aug-11 14:24:25

No, pamplemousse, but I found two things that a) I like and b) are in my size. Very rare. And I can't decide between the two.

<gnashes teeth>

pamplemousserose Thu 25-Aug-11 15:43:15

Show me then...

QueeferSutherland Thu 25-Aug-11 16:39:11

This skirt. It's right up my street. Not "chic", but my kinda thing. And a plainish white top.

I need clothes for work and the uniform is either black polyester trews with a colourful top, head to toe WS, or scrubs, and I'm not going to be wearing the former, don't need the latter so WS it is.grin

QueeferSutherland Thu 25-Aug-11 16:47:03

Ach, it's disappeared from my basket. Swines!

pamplemousserose Thu 25-Aug-11 17:34:31

Nice skirt. I got a similar one in the factory shop in Portsmouth with a teapot pattern on. Sounds weird, its really nice though.

QueeferSutherland Thu 25-Aug-11 20:59:34

I keep forgetting there's a WS in Gunwarf Quays!

I've got some nice stuff in there. I like the samples they sell, as you know they won't be too ubiquitous.
Maybe I should head there, although it's hellish so close to the start of school.

pamplemousserose Thu 25-Aug-11 21:04:09

They had lots of winter skirts in last week, I was spoilt for choice. The one I got was :£19. There were 3 or4 others I could have bought.

pamplemousserose Thu 25-Aug-11 21:10:03

This is the one I got

QueeferSutherland Thu 25-Aug-11 21:20:26

Ooh, nice. Those colours are lovely. £19 is really good too.

I might go into Pompey once school is back in. I can't handle it when it's busy.

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