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Anyone know how to remove crybaby mascara?

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TracyK Thu 25-Aug-11 07:41:22

Semi permanent sposed to last 2 weeks. Only had it on for a week and not liking it - v. cakey looking.
The girl that applied it said to come back to get it removed if I wanted - but she is an hours drive away and said she'd charge £10.
Can't be arsed - but would like it off.
It says on website not to use oil based removers - maybe this will loosen it off quicker?

PrimaBallerina Thu 25-Aug-11 07:45:34

No idea but you could start with baby oil if it doesn't like oil.

iknowanoldlady Thu 25-Aug-11 08:58:09

Not really able to help but wanted to sympathise - isn't it crap?! It's now a fortnight to the day since I had mine done and it's pretty much gone, I just started rubbing eyes gently each night with a cleansing wipe as if I were taking ordinary mascara off. I am pretty sure my lashes have suffered though - will not be doing that again.

TracyK Thu 25-Aug-11 11:03:45

I wish mine was gone - will try the baby oil and see if I can get it to go a bit. Its kind of half away - but not enough away to be able to wear ordinary mascara - so its a bit annoying.
I'm more annoyed for my mum (who I talked into having it done as a 'treat' for her hols) - shes not used to make up - so will prob be bugging the hell out of her -oops.

FauxFox Thu 25-Aug-11 12:56:11

Smear big dollops of vaseline on and gently wipe off with cotton wool - the vaseline is really good for your eyelashes too.

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