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Am I too old to shop in New Look?

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pink4ever Wed 24-Aug-11 16:53:46

Ok carrying on from my previous thread about where to shop for my age(35). Was passing New look today and decided to pop in for a look. Was a shop I used to buy in a lot but now having the feeling that it is too young for me.

Alot of the stuff they had in wouldnt suit me-pussyblow blouses,shifts(not kind to norks imo) but they did have a couple of nice tea dresses that I thought were maybe possible?

Sorry still not mastered links but if anyone cares to take a look-one is a green tea dress,the other floral blue pattern and the third brown. I imagine they would be pretty short but as I live in 100 denier opaques anyway maybe that wouldnt be a problem?

Also saw some teal coloured shoe boots in the sale-but again wasnt sure if they screamed fashion victim?

YouDoTheMath Wed 24-Aug-11 16:56:52

No, I don't think so. It's about how you dress, not where you buy the clothes.

Fimbo Wed 24-Aug-11 16:57:50

Is this the blue one?

I like it. I am 43 and if I had the figure would wear it with opaques/leggings etc.

Not sure about the shoe boots tbh, but they do have some fabulous shoes in there.

I would say go for it.

pink4ever Wed 24-Aug-11 17:22:40

No fimbo not that one but very similiar-the one I looked at was £24.99. I dont know about having the figure to pull it off-currently a 14/16 but working towards 12/14.

upahill Wed 24-Aug-11 17:25:14

if an item of clothes suits you then you are clearly not old to wear it.
If that item is in a shop then you are ok to go in and buy it. (IMO)

tethersend Wed 24-Aug-11 18:17:01

They sometimes have nice things (am 33)

I am currently coveting this dress, although it's been styled appallingly and looks crap in that pic. It's not on the site though... Anyone seen it on their travels?

pink4ever Wed 24-Aug-11 18:46:25

OOhh I love that dress tethers! didnt see it in my local shop-will probably be in one of the flagship stores.

tethersend Wed 24-Aug-11 18:51:47

Right, if you see it, get me one; If I see it, I'll get you one grin

birdsofshoreandsea Wed 24-Aug-11 18:54:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pink4ever Wed 24-Aug-11 20:24:45

If they get that dress in my local store then I will get it-would be lovely for xmas nights out.
So if I am not too old for New look then what should I be buying in there? someone who can do links give me some ideas please!

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