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Clear Springs who thought they were autumns?

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catswipe Wed 24-Aug-11 12:58:59

just wondering how many of you used the old system and thought they were winters but have since discovered that didn't quite fit and have since discovered they are Clear Springs? What colours work best on you now? Are there ones on your palette that you don't like even though they are supposed to work?

TattyDevine Wed 24-Aug-11 13:22:13


I thought I was a Winter initally, then an Autumn. Turns out I am a Spring! Not a "definite" blue spring (Spring into Winter) but she did mention the "blue" factor but was reluctant to give me an exact spring category.

My absolute best colours are Coral/Flamingo Pink/Bubblegum pink (shades of orangy pinky coral basically, but bright not pastelly), a bright "kerry" green, (like mega-green grass I guess, not to bluey), "Oxford" blue, "bright" navy, bright slightly orangey red (geranium) and "Poppy" which is a true red but on the slightly warmish side of red, and "aquamarine" like a really bright turquoise, turqouise was also one, and to a lesser extent aqua (which I guess is lighter still, really). I can also do buttercup or brightish yellow, but not "as good", and cream, oatmeal, and some other neutrals which are fine but not my best colours. And a warm (almost "golden") chocolate brown (not too dark).

I got it wrong due to being natrually brunette (though not dark brown) and what I thought were dark brown eyes which were actually "bright" brown eyes (in as much as brown eyes can be bright). Its also down to the "high contrast" of my eyes and eyes against skin and hair etc etc.

So I misdiagnosed myself by basically mistaking deep for bright or high contrast and being biased about the warm/cool thing and what I thought suited.

catswipe Wed 24-Aug-11 13:54:15

Is the Blue Spring comparable to Clear Spring or is it yet another classification within Spring? I am a bit more interested in this topic than is humanly reasonable. In fact I think I may have missed my calling! I can literally spend HOURS pouring over various charts and websites. All quite worrying really.....

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