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Stretch marks on teenage dd

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MrsRobertDuvall Wed 24-Aug-11 08:56:34

just noticed that dd (15 in 2 weeks) has got stretch marks on her buttocks.
She is 5 feet 10 and always been extremely skinny, but recently has filled out a bit, getting a more womanly shape, still only size 8-10 and weighs about7 stone.
Is the anything she can use to help them fade...I never had them. She is a bit distressed about them....she has OCD and was convinced she had leukaemia sad

BooBooGlass Wed 24-Aug-11 08:59:10

She can try Bio Oil or just keeping moisturised. But really stretchmarks are completely normal when you fill out as a teenager, and I would guess you are the exception rather than the rule if you've never had them. At 7 stone and 5 foot 10 I'd say she has a lot of filling out to do yet, so try not to make a big deal out of them. I know i hated mine, I got them on my hips, but they really do fade. I don't know a single person without stretch marks of some kind.

TheRealMBJ Wed 24-Aug-11 09:00:39

BioOil. Please reassure her that it is completely normal though. Most girls do get some form of stretch marks when they start taking on a more womanly shape.

Whysoserious Wed 24-Aug-11 09:03:11

I had the same when I was a teenager and so did a few of my friends. It's very common in girls during puberty - particularly thinner girls as their bodies change shape. Mine were so obvious and I felt really self conscious going swimming etc but they were only there for a few months and then two faded without me putting anything on them and I can't see them at all now.

Bio oil is supposed to be good but honestly they will fade in time and I bet she'll find lots of her friends have them too. Tell her not to worry because they will disappear

Whysoserious Wed 24-Aug-11 09:05:16

That should say THEY disappeared not TWO disappeared. They all did haha! It's just one of those annoying things about being a girl (in fact I also know boys that got them too but I'd say it's much more common in girls as their hips fill out)

fiorentina Wed 24-Aug-11 09:35:55

Bio oil is definitely worth a try. I've been using it during pregnancy and since my son was born 4 months ago and the stretchmarks have definitely faded. Even if it is psychological and they would have gone on their own, it's good enough for me.

FGM Wed 24-Aug-11 10:25:53

Hi MrsRD, may I suggest you visit a nutritionist- esp if you DD is veggie or not eating enough of a varied diet. Certain vits & minerals that help new tissue formation may be low when stretch marks occur. Zinc springs to mind as a mineral that's often low in vegetarians, for example, and that helps skin to cope with changes.
sorry I can't help more but I'm not an expert...

MrsRobertDuvall Wed 24-Aug-11 11:16:04

Thank you for all your replies.
Dd eats really well.....she is a bit obsessed with it through her OCD and costs me a fortune in fruit and veg!
She's read this thread and feels more reassured.
She has just come down in a pr of jeans she can't zip up...isn't it amazing how suddenly they change? So I shall have to go shopping with her now .....again!

lubeybooby Wed 24-Aug-11 11:20:30

Totally normal - my very tall (5ft 10) DD got horizontal stretchmarks around her hips and thighs when she shot up in height and filled out a little at the same time. She went from size 4 petite to size 8 tall (in dorothy perkins sizing) in the space of a year. About 18 months on and all the marks have faded now

Grumpla Wed 24-Aug-11 11:23:42

I got stretch marks all round my hips as a teen, they are still there (but very very faint!) however I got none whilst pregnant! I would just reassure her (as much as you can) that a) almost everyone gets these and b) although they don't disappear completely, they will go a lot paler in a couple of years and become almost invisible as a result.

MrsRobertDuvall Wed 24-Aug-11 11:25:15

Luby....dd is a size 8 tall in DP'S too.
inside leg 33 at the moment.

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