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New Wardrobe

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RoyalWelsh Tue 23-Aug-11 18:36:56

After another year of feeling completely and utterly dowdy and awful looking,please help me recreate a whole new me!

I have invested in some nail polish. It is only a nude/clear thing but it makes me feel a little less scuzzy by having it on. I now condition my hair. I will be having highlights for the second time tomorrow and think it makes me look a little better.

I have also in the last week discovered the joys of eyelash curlers! Occasionally with mascara. I do have a foundation that I wear on occasion, along with bronzer.

I have nothing to wear though. Almost literally nothing! I feel like I have spent the last summer in my work uniform and one maxi dress and a cardigan. This Friday I am moving house and starting a new job shortly after that and want to feel more grown up and that, to me, involves being able to wear clothes that are an actual outfit and make the best of me.

So... mostly I am looking for tips on starting a wardrobe from scratch. I have one pair of blkue skinny jeans that don't fit but apart from that, no trousers as the linen ones I wear for work are awful.What do you think I should get?

If it helps, I am about 5'8 and fat. I am a good four stone over weight. I have Bangladeshi heritage as my father is half Bangladeshi so have sallow skin and dark hair. My skin is clear even though I eat horrendous amounts of sugary rubbish and I am nearly 24.

Any advice/tips will be hugely appreciated!

RoyalWelsh Tue 23-Aug-11 18:38:28

Oh, I should also say that my new job involves looking the smarter side of smart/casual but definitely need to be approachable.

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