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Quick! Hair colouring and swimming

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Backinthebox Mon 22-Aug-11 21:18:16

I am taking DD swimming tomorrow, she is very excited about it as we haven't been for 2 months because my leg has been in plaster. Because of the plaster cast I have not been able to home-colour my hair, meaning I have some very wild looking grey bits around my temples. So I was going to colour my hair at the weekend and get rid of the grey (I only re-colour back to my natural red colour, just to hide the grey.) Then this evening the builder has announced that they need to find an indoor job tomorrow as it is going to rain, so they are going to break through into the extension, meaning they have to disconnect the shower, and we will be left with just a bath for the next 3-4 weeks. Do I go for an application of colour tonight or will I end up turning green in the pool? Any advice?

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