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Semi permanent eyeliner

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AmyStake Mon 22-Aug-11 16:43:17

I've been eyeing (ho ho) this up for a while now but one thing is holding me back.. the pain factor! Is it super painful? I've got to have eye drops in a week and that is enough to be freaking me out hmm.

I want it done because I live in glasses, one of my eyes is not so great. I can just about do eyeliner on my good eye but on my not so good eye - no chance. I can't wear contact lenses. And I don't have a steady hand! grin

I'm not sure as well what is considered a fairly reasonable price - I live in a big city so I'm expecting to have to pay a little more smile.


AmyStake Mon 22-Aug-11 16:43:46

Apols for the inadvertant smiley overload <smites self>

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